10 Best Pharmacy Buys

Komal Basith

Wandering through pharmacies has always been a bit of a fun pastime for me; simple, fuss-free cleansers, classic heavy duty moisturisers and even, sometimes, surprisingly good makeup – it’s amazing, the things you can find next to the cough drops and ointments. French pharmacies are personal favourites, and renowned the world over for their brilliant skincare finds. I also recently spent a delightful couple of afternoons browsing through Cambodian pharmacies; turns out they’re big on skincare in Cambodia, which is why even the tiniest neighbourhood chemists stock cult skincare brands like Bioderma and Klorane. Nayantara Kilachand, who runs Mumbai Boss, one of my favourite sites (and not just because they voted us Best Beauty Website for 2013!) shares my love for pharmacy beauty meandering, so we got together to compile a list of our favourite Indian chemist beauty finds - most of which you can buy with a couple of clicks.

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