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10 Cool Things To Have In Your Bag

Naaila Khan

If you think about it, every bag tells a story; the contents of it rather. If you've watched these hilarious videos of funny gal Esther Povitsky over at Refinery29, rummaging around New Yorkers' bags to analyze its "owner's soul", you'll know what we mean. But comediennes and bag sneaking aside, we decided to round up a bunch of cool, handy things you can throw into your bag that will set you sailing easily through the day. We scoured the recesses of the Internet to find you some funky, bolstered up versions of daily knick-knacks (bon mot labelled snack boxes, anyone?) and some useful baubles your bag might not presently occupy but definitely should. Either way, toss these things into your handbag and leave us a Thank You note for it. We'll definitely appreciate it!




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