3 Super Fresh Outfits to Take You Through The Week

Komal Basith

In addition to being all round, indisputably gorgeous and wearing several hats with aplomb – artist, illustrator, photographer and professional singer – Ridhii Paul also always looks great. Anywhere that you might bump into her – checking out a gig, out at lunch – she’s always wearing something that looks super fresh, put together, and stylish.

And so we teamed up with Allen Solly to have Ridhii pick out her own mini-wardrobe from their latest collection – there’s some really cool stuff in stores at the moment! Read on to see the three super fly outfits she chose to take her through her week – and which I bet will help take you through yours, too.


The Scene: Hanging Out With Friends

The Look: Casual

The Key Piece: The Oversized Sweater

“When it comes to sweaters, the larger the better. I love that this one is oversized without being too slouchy – I picked the largest size I could find – and that it’s monochrome. I try to incorporate a bit of black or white into my outfits wherever I can. I think a sweater like this works best with super light skinny jeans and slip on sneakers; it keeps the outfit from taking itself too seriously.

I visit London fairly often – my mum lives there and my sister’s currently studying in the city – and I’d probably wear this exact combination if I was there now, except I’d throw on this tweed overcoat since it’s a bit chilly this time of year. Tweed goes in and out of fashion, but the classic colours of this particular coat – grey and white – mean that you can get away with wearing it for years without ever looking outdated.”

Tweed Overcoat Rs. 5,999, Black and Grey Textured Sweater Rs. 1,999, Light Skinny Jeans, Rs. 2,099 and Grey Tote Rs. 2,699, available at Allen Solly stores nationwide andTrendin.com/AllenSolly.


The Scene: Meeting a Client

The Look: Semi-Casual

The Key Piece: Printed Trousers

“I love the print on these pants, and the cut – they’re tapered at the bottom like joggers, which I currently own several pairs of and love for their versatility. They’re also really flattering; they instantly make you look slimmer, which is great. You can dress the entire outfit up with a pair of heels – I’d wear this if I was meeting a client, say – or switch them out for Birkenstocks, which I would do if I was going to lunch or working at my studio. Whichever shoes you wear, this outfit is one that would be appropriate for pretty much any situation."

Long Sleeved Shirt, Rs. 1,899, Printed Trousers, Rs. 2,199 and Cream Clutch, Rs. 1,899, available at Allen Solly stores nationwide and Trendin.com/AllenSolly.


The Scene: Drinks With Friends

The Look: Dressy

The Key Piece: The Downsized Blazer

“I’d say my artistic style is quite pared down – I’m a big fan of minimalism – and so I like clean, fuss-free outfits like this one, especially when I’m out at night. It’s comfortable, it’s pulled together, and the dress is great because I can wear it during the day with a pair of ballet flats and it still works.

At night though, I’d wear it with this blazer because it’s quite cold out right now. I picked a size smaller than I’d normally wear for the blazer because I like a nice tight silhouette on top for dressy outfits – again, it’s about keeping it really clean and minimalistic, like with this black clutch. It’s big enough to hold everything you need for the night but it’s also quite understated; it doesn’t compete with the rest of the outfit. I love the fabric of the blazer as well – it’s almost like brocade, but so understated; you’d have to look closer to notice the details of the texture, which I think is pretty cool.”

Black Formal Blazer, Rs. 4,499, Maroon Skater Dress, Rs. 2,099 and Classic Black Clutch, Rs. 1,899, available at Allen Solly stores nationwide and Trendin.com/AllenSolly.

Photographed by Faiza Sheikh.


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