4 Awesome Argan Oil Products


Did you read Joanna Vargas’s take on argan oil yesterday? The facialist who treats Karlie Kloss, Miranda Kerr, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams also introduced them to the stuff, and so she’s also partly responsible for the huge argan oil craze currently sweeping the beauty nation. Read her advice for using argan oil for your hair, body and skin here. Meanwhile, team Jossbox tried out pretty much every argan oil product in the country and finally came up with four favourites, all of which do amazing things for your hair, body and skin. Here they are!



Tested by: Komal Basith, editor-in-chief

First off, there’s no other way to describe how this oil smells other than like a spa. It’s not for everyone, or so I’m told, although I can’t imagine why – but I think it’s safe to say that if you’re the type of person who’s loath to shower after a nice, long massage because it means washing all those gorgeous smelling oils down the drain, then this is the argan oil to end all argan oils for you. Once you get past how wonderful it smells, you’ll also notice that it makes your skin feel especially supple and strong, like a shiny racehorse’s. No, really. Speaking of which, it’ll also do wondrous things for your mane, making it smooth and getting rid of frizz without weighting it down in the least. All in all, this one’s a winner.



Tested by: Naaila Khan, features writer

This feels like no ordinary viscous oil; it has a light, almost dry texture, and I first tried it by spraying it sparingly onto the ends of my hair, when it acted like hair serum, only better, on account of being far less full of chemicals. I also used it on my legs after a wax, and it kept my skin smooth and soft until the next day, and smelled pretty forever. Plus, shiny legs! I then took things up a notch, throwing the ‘avoid the roots’ advice on the bottle to the wind #badassinthehouse – and swapped it with regular olive oil for a deep head massage. I mean, what could go wrong, right? It’s just oil, all the way ‘from the remote Atlas mountains of Morocco’, at that. Best thing I ever did. It didn’t take ages to wash off and left my hair super smooth and shiny, to boot.



Tested by: Roshini Frederick, stylist

I loved this stuff. Everytime I’d use some in my hair, I’d get compliments from people saying that it looked so soft. It smells great, and you don’t have to keep reapplying it for it to work. I experimented with it a bit, using some when my hair was damp, or right after a blow dry when it was already dry, and both times I noticed a huge difference in how it felt and looked. My hair didn’t get frizzy, it didn’t feel as damaged as it normally does after I blow dry it, and it even worked as a detangler. I’m just glad I never have to deal with knots anymore.



Tested by: Nikhil Samson, account manager

You’re supposed to work this into your hair like it’s an all out massage, so that’s what I did, even though I’ve never really used an oil in this way before. Turns out I shouldn’t have worried at all because it washed out completely and my hair felt so much softer after a good shampoo. I was worried that it would smell a bit floral, but the formula isn’t heavily scented or irritating in any way. The best bit? I have super sensitive skin, and this didn’t make me break out at all.





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