4 Great Blotting Papers

Naaila Khan

What’s the one thing that’s worse than spending forever perfecting a makeup look before a big event? Watching it all turn into a hot mess an hour later. You probably have enough glass ceiling issues to deal with as it is, so having a slick face look back at you in the mirror is really the last thing you need. And if you’re also a not-so-proud owner of greasy skin, well, chances are your worst nightmare is being stranded on a sunny island with nary a face wipe in sight.

Allow us to reintroduce you to the magic of blotting papers. Sure, you use the Starbucks napkin hack all the time with an internal smirk, but trust us when we say that a good old paper blot is the real deal. And while blotting powders do score a point over papers, it only holds true for photographs, because a bit of unsightly residue shows up in natural light.

The typical facial blotting paper is made of rice paper or pulp, and most have a thin film of powder on one side that soaks up the grease (some others have a layer of bronzer that gets deposited on your skin as you swipe – Kérastase even has one for hair). The idea that propels this easy beauty fix is that you want to keep the pigment of your makeup but get rid of the carrier oil that spreads on your face. Starbucks napkins – or regular tissues – are most likely to mess up your makeup in the process.

A trick is to use the blotting paper to remove excess oil a few minutes after you’ve finished your makeup, and then through the day when the need arises. Try these few we’ve rounded up for you and hopefully that need won’t arise as much!

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