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6 Fall Nail Trends You Absolutely Have To Try

Naaila Khan

With spring/summer safely tucked behind in our memories, we’ve now officially hit fall, and that brings with it a whole new set of possibilities. My favourite one? Fall nails!

While the Fashion Weeks debuted looks that went from super minimalist to dark and bold, the season is seeing a fresh feed of new styles everyday – so it’s safe to say that there are definitely some gorgeous trends worth giving a try.

We rounded up the most popular ones you can put straight into the dropbox you share with your manicurist. Cheers to autumn!


1/6 Layer, Layer, Layer

We all love sweater weather mainly because we can pile on those layers, so why not do the same for your nails? Here are a few ways to layer it up:

- layer your regular polish to create instant mattes, and then layer some more with glitter if that’s your thing,

- coat your nails in 2-3 similar shades to create your unique fall hue – different wine shades piled on turn out nice,

- use white as your base and do a fading ombré over that,

- try self-toned textures,

- explore frozen tips over a black base a la Rihanna’s Fenty X Puma, or the Kylie Lip Kit-inspired melted tips.

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2/6 Chrome Party

Looks like Gigi Hadid really fired up a trend when she sported that $2000 chrome mani at the Met Gala this year. Hello, chrome nails! From a strong gunmetal to a rosé-inspired rose gold to a futuristic holographic finish, it’s exciting to see how rubbing some glitter creates the fiercest armour-like talons!

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3/6 Minimal Millennials

It’s still the age of minimalism so barely-there nails exude maximum appeal. Negative spacing, simple lines, pastel colour blocking – all very good ideas for a sophisticated set of nails.

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Special note: The glitter cuticles at Rodarte grabbed all the flashlights – try lining the inside of your nail with glitter for a more practical alternative.


4/6 Solid Competition

Minimalist to the degree you can’t be bothered to do anything more than just paint a coat and call it a day? Well, if that coat is in shades of dark wine, grey, forest green or lilac, you’d still be rocking a trend by default! The winner though? A certain export from spring that refuses to budge: the soft, millennial blush pink that reminds you of the plushest cashmere – as good as no-makeup makeup for your nails.

Tip: Play around with your nail shape if you want to keep the colour classic – try squoval, stiletto, or a long coffin shape.


5/6 Graphic Designing

Philip Lim and Creatures of the Wind love a good old 90s-style graphic nail at their shows and this time was no different. Try a colour block, throw in some delicate embellishment, add a coat of glitter or some sleek lines, and you’re good to go.  


6/6 Marble Game

Trends have a funny way of predicting themselves – first there was tie-dye, and now there’s marble nails, fresh off the slab. Sophisticated, gorgeous and easy to sport on the reg, a marble mani doesn’t just looks luxurious, it feels super luxe too.

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