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6 Nail Basics To Know Before Your Next Manicure

Naaila Khan

It’s officially open-toed sandals season and all that’s left to do now is head over to the nail salon to give those talons a good buff! But wait, if you are going to be frequenting your nail technician for mani-pedi dates, you might as well do it right. Because whether you’re aware of it or not, the nail salon can surprisingly pose a variety of horrors for your tips. From faulty techniques that can hurt your nails to exposing yourself to greater health risks (think skin eating diseases and infections – eek), a trip to the nail bar might just cost you more than it already does!

So before you kick back your heels and relax on that recliner the next time, make sure to watch out for the following red signals – with one watchful eye on your nail technician all the while. Trust us, as it goes, it’s the little things that actually matter.

Also, you’re going to be super inspired by these minimalist nail art designs that can easily be your summer go-tos courtesy Rad Nails’ cool-as-hell packaging and nail wraps, photographed by Stephanie Ganot. Read on. 


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