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7 Beauty Insiders To Follow On Snapchat ASAP

Naaila Khan

Sometimes, I feel bad for Instagram. I have to admit, I’ve been Clinton-level cheating on it lately, but I just can’t help myself – Snapchat is the fun, laidback guy who comes along when you’ve had too much of the fussy, supremely edited and heavily curated guy that is Insta. Best part? No walk of shame because everything goes poof! – in 24 hours. Just works out fine for everyone now, doesn’t it?

And for beauty addicts like myself (and I’m guessing you), Snapchat’s a great way to get with everything that’s going on with every media outlet we follow – though we get the interface isn’t the best to discover the MUAs, beauty bloggers and magazines you love. So here they are! We rounded up the most FOMO-inducing, celebrated beauty folks/channels to help you stay updated with the latest products, and take you behind-the-scenes at events, launches, shoots and all things pretty. You won’t miss a thing!



Username: Realhudabeauty

A Dubai-based beauty vlogger, Huda has amassed so many fans that she’s now an entrepreneur of a cosmetic line, Huda Beauty, first started off with a bunch of lashes so popular that they still get sold out everywhere, and recently launched a range of lip pencils that could give Kylie’s Lip Kit a run for her money. On her Snapchat, you can expect to see all her favourite products and why she loves them and little tutorials, plus, you can join her and her adorable family as they travel the world.



Username: Lorealmakeup & Lorealhair

I’ll tell you this: if it weren’t for these two Snap accounts, I wouldn’t really get to see Sonam Kapoor, Eva Longoria, Karlie Kloss or every other gorgeous Loréalista in the hair & makeup chair, as they got prepped for the Cannes! Follow them for tips and tutrials from the most renowned celebrity hair and makeup artists and Loréal girls from all the world.



Username: Alluremag

Always dreamt of working in a fashion and beauty magazine? Well, with Allure on your Snapchat you’ll pretty much feel like you are! Follow them to meet cool-as-hell editors, get behind the scenes on shoots, get to know new models and of course, first access to tons of unreleased beauty products!



Username: Kylizzlemynizzl

King Kylie is not just a member of the Kardashian family which by default means she lives a fabulous life, but she’s also a big beauty junkie. She’s the most viewed account on Snapchat, if you need further cue! Expect an entire wig collection, a super hot closet, major #shoegoals, an intro to her fave products from time to time, glimpses of her adorable dogs and most importantly, swatches and restock updates about her famous Lip Kit (that literally get sold out in minutes!). Follow Kylie and her friends as they live the gooood life.



Username: Jossbox

Yup, that’s us! If we may say so ourselves, Jossbox on Snapchat is pretty fun! Come along as we review new makeup products, take you behind the camera on beauty shoots, do quick get-the-looks, perk you up with #MondayManis or simply show you what’s in our bag to beat the summer heat. Lots of beauty inspo to be found here!



Username: Urbandecaysnaps

Love this brand? So do we. And a whole bunch of models, YouTubers, beauty bloggers, makeup artists and hair stylists that keep making appearances on Urban Decay’s Snapchat. Follow them for insider access to all their fun events around the world and first bragging rights to their dopest new launches.



Username: Jenatkinhair

She might be a pivotal member of the Kardashian glam squad, but Jen Atkin leads nothing less than a glam life herself! Join her as she jet-sets around the world to play hair dresser to the most gorgeous celebrities – free product recommendations and little hair tutorials included, courtesy the founder of Mane Addicts and the new buzz-worthy line of hair products, Ouai. 


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