A Hairdryer That Won’t Fry Your Hair

Komal Basith

I usually like letting my hair dry naturally, but I don’t like the idea of going out with wet hair now that it’s monsoon. Can you recommend a good hairdryer that won’t fry my hair?

I asked London-based celeb hairstylist (and super handsome dude) Philippe Chicheportiche about hairdryers in general – for detailed info you can read the guide here, but the gist is that he recommends using ionic hairdryers. They break water molecules on the hair shaft down, allowing them to evaporate easily. This cuts down on drying time and hair damage while sealing moisture into your hair so it won’t look dull or dry after. He calls Italian brandParlux the Rolls Royce of hairdryers; for a more local option, you could try Babyliss’s IPRO Hair Dryer.


Is it OK to skip sunscreen if your foundation has SPF?

This is one of those things that dermatologists offer varying advice on, but the consensus seems to be that you’ll rarely ever use enough foundation to properly shield your skin from SPF. But then there’s that annoying rule about sunscreen needing to be reapplied every few hours – what if you already have makeup on? Are you supposed to slather the stuff on after? Your best bet is one of those mineral powder sunscreens that you can dust on top of your makeup without disturbing it. I’ve used Jane Iredale’s Powder Me SPF Dry Sunscreen before and it’s great; it doesn’t cake on and doesn’t clog pores. But it’s not meant to be used by itself, only as a touchup. I know, sunscreen application is a bit of a pain. I can’t wait until someone invents a sunscreen pill so you can just pop one in the morning and be done with it.


What’s an effective blackhead solution?

I’ve always found using La Roche Posay’s Effaclar Duo incredibly effective when used on areas of stubborn blackheads. This stuff seems to need a break between uses in order to work, so try using some for a couple of weeks at a time, going off it for a couple of weeks, and starting again. It’s also great for blemishes in general and will give you lovely, clear skin – again, as long as you give it a rest after a few weeks.

Finally, you can't beat the Clarisonic for getting rid of blackheads, dull skin and fine lines. 


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