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A Swoonworthy Colouring Book


Best friend’s birthday coming up? Maid of honour duties left you stumped for bridal shower present ideas? Well colour us excited, because have we got the gift for you. Illustrator Mel Elliott’s new colouring book for adults, Colour Me Swooooon, is filled with quizzes, poems - and even drawings! - of all our favourite male crushes from the past and present, including Ryan Gosling, both the Robs (Lowe and Pattinson), and our very favourite man candy of all time, Joseph Gordon Levitt.



Frankly, we can’t imagine why any woman (or man, we don’t judge) wouldn’t be anything but delighted to receive this, or a better way to spend a Sunday morning. Come to think of it, why not get one for yourself as well? In the wise words of Parks and Recreation’s Tom and Donna: ‘Treat yo self!’ (Video below for the uninitiated.)

Buy the book here.

Have a good weekend!



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