4 Questions With Ahaan Pandey


Ahaan Pandey is set to be Bollywood’s next big thing - and already a bit of a hit on Instagram as well. Hot on the heels of his recent collaboration with Koovs, we had a quick chat with the actor about his favourite menswear trends and spots to hang out when in London.

What are some of your favourite trends at the moment? 

I’m loving floral half sleeve shirts, maybe with a round neck white tee and sunglasses. I mean, it’s what made Charlie Sheen a legend. Oversized trousers are a bit of a trend but I’d only wear them with a suit – and all white. It’s one of those trends that’ll never fade. Nothing looks better than an all-white getup at brunch, especially when you’re wearing tinted sunglasses as well. 


What’s been your favourite fashion moment so far?

I’d say the rise of street style. It gave young people a voice, one they could express themselves with.

Did you have a good time shooting with Koovs?

I did. It was great – it’s one of those shoots that’ll always stay with me. Professionalism aside, the hospitality from the team is why I enjoyed the shoot so much. As for the shoot itself – all I can say is if someone tells you it’s summer in London, it’s 4 degrees so dress accordingly. (Laughs) The experience was an eye opener though. I feel like every shoot gives you more confidence, so that’s always great.


Where do you like hanging out when you’re in London?

Hyde Park, because you see all types of dogs there! Oxford Street’s always full of life, Niketown has all my favourite shots, and the Thames because it has this great dramatic backdrop for all your pictures. The London Eye’s pretty cool, too.


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