All About The Back


Fetishes run the gamut, but one of the most common ones is for the female back. Justin Timberlake certainly has a thing for them. And I don’t see why not. It’s smooth, flat, runs a plush course and ends in a delicious curve leading to… (I may or may not have been unhealthily obsessed with Mills & Boons in my adolescent years). Getting to the point though, when was the last time you gave this anatomical asset a thought? Maybe a good scrub? Because when you care about making a striking entry, why not make a dazzling exit? Even more so, if you’ve been spending time at the gym lately.
Well, raise your glass, we’ve got your, er, back! It doesn’t really take that much. Scroll through to see our favourite backless outfits, a bunch of accessories, and the only two beauty products you really need to give your back some much-deserved primping.

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