Let’s Take A Minute To Talk About Anushka Sharma’s Style

Anushka Mulchandani

Get ready to pine for Anushka’s wardrobe!

Ok honestly, Anushka Sharma isn’t an actress whose style we always kept a close eye on. Of course her acting chops are spot on, but she’s rarely ever spotted out, aside from when she’s promoting a film. Now we’re well aware that actresses have stylists pick out their #ootds, but ultimately it’s all about the woman who wears the clothes – and these outfits you’re about to see wouldn’t be half as good if Anushka Sharma didn’t wear them the way she did.

Let’s go through some of our favorites, shall we?


In Roberto Cavalli

Let’s just say that if we had to wear just one outfit for the rest of our lives, it would be this metallic, Roberto Cavalli set. Notice how her hairdo is also spot on!


In Lovebirds

A feminine, billowing dress is apt for the season and this one looks like it will never go out of style.


In Masaba Gupta

A twinset isn’t something a lot of people are comfortable wearing, but Ms Sharma seems to be having no problem at all in her polka dotted, denim two piece.


In Deme By Gabriella

Sometimes, all you need to dress up an outfit is the right jacket. This waterfall front trench certainly does the job.


In Vizyon & Fendi

Sure her tee and flouncy skirt has her ready for the perfect tea party, but it’s those Alexandre Birman shoes we can’t take our eyes off!


In Sabyasachi

Florals? For spring? It’s safe to say that Miranda Priestly would approve of it in its Sabyasachi form.


In House of Kotwara

All white certainly has it’s own charm, don’t you think? Layered or not, it’s a color you definitely need in your summer wardrobe.


In Lovebirds

We had to save the best for last! In a tailored pair of bright orange trousers and a jacket to match, it has got to be the coolest outfit we’ve seen this season!

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