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Are Professional Makeup Brushes Worth It?

Komal Basith

What’s your take on brushes? Is it OK to use the ones that come with products or should I invest in some of the more expensive ones?

Makeup brushes are sort of like tweezers – whether cheap or expensive, they’ve got just the one job – depositing colour on your face or, as in the case of tweezers, plucking errant hairs out. That’s not to say they’re all the same though; anyone who’s ever bought a pair ofTweezermans will tell you that they make the plucking process miles easier – the higher qualiy build means that hair is easier to grip and the whole process is way less painful than with a pair of regular tweezers. It’s kind of the same with brushes – you can use the ones that come with your eyeshadow or blush in a pinch, but buying a few basic, high quality brushes will mean a more streak-free, professional looking application.

For the record, eyeshadow brushes that come with the product are far easier to use than blush brushes, since the latter tend to deposit colour in streaks, and nothing ruins a look like streaky blush. So if you’re looking to start building your collection slowly instead of buying a professional set of brushes in one go, start with a blush brush. Meanwhile, professional eyeshadow brushes make application and blending far easier than the ones that come with the product, but you can use the product applicators if you just remember to blend with your fingertips afterwards.

For more info on which tools to invest in, read Hollywood makeup artist Pati Dubroff’s guide to makeup brushes here.


Do I really need to wash my face in the morning even if I don’t use products at night?

Pretty much! Your skin is busiest while you sleep, so you want to get rid of any dead cells or sebum that you’ve produced through the night, even if you’re going to bed with bare skin. But since your’e not stripping your skin of makeup first thing in the morning, have an ultra-gentle cleanser on hand that you only use in the morning. My dermatologist recommendedNeutrogena’s Liquid Face Wash to me for just this, and I’ve been loving it ever since. It’s a super basic, gentle soap that never feels harsh, leads to breakouts, or leaves you with that tight, uncomfortable feeling.


Does concealer go over or under foundation?

Concealer goes over foundation in every instance except one, because you don’t want apply it only to have it rub off when you put your foundation on. The only exception is with dark under eye circles, in which case you need only to apply concealer, because foundation will settle into the creases and make the problem look worse than it is.  So with dark spots, zits, or smaller blemishes: concealer goes under foundation. With under eye circles – use concealer only! Hope this helps.


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