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Artist Du Jour: Ayangbe Mannen

Naaila Khan

There was a time when a Warhol would cost you roughly the equivalent of a pair of Forever21 shoes. Now of course, you’d have to sell your shoes along with your house for one of those. The point being, an artist’s worth can never be finitely valued, though young blood definitely deserves its due attention. One such young, up and coming artist on the block is Ayangbe Mannen, hailing from Nagaland. One look at her compelling profile and thought-provoking art, and you'll be convinced this self-taught artist has all the trappings of a hugely successful one. Her lucid paintings and sketches are typically created using more than one medium, a fact that only attests to her easy free-spiritedness.

We chatted to her about what drives her to create, her artistic views, and to tell us about some emerging artists the world lies in wait of, among other things.

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As told to Jossbox.

Photographed by Santu Misra.


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