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Ashley Graham Gets Her Own Barbie – And It Doesn’t Have a Thigh Gap!


Mattel creates the first plus-sized Barbie sculpted after the plus sized supermodel, and we’re loving it.

Chances are, as a little girl you were obsessed with these gorgeous plastic dolls with their impossibly slim waists and bleach blonde hair. Odds are also that as a little girl you decided Barbie was the standard of beauty. Diversity amongst these dolls ranged from close to none to maybe a change in hair colour at most.

If the lack of diversity displayed by Mattel, the company that owns and makes the Barbie, bothered you then you’ll likely be pleased to hear that they’ve just released a new Barbie: the extreme makeover edition.

Mattel recently launched a collection (and a revolution) of Barbie dolls with tall, petite and curvy figures along with options for multiracial dolls. Which brings us to our favourite new addition, the Ashley Graham Barbie! Before the plus-sized supermodel and body positivity activist approved her doll iteration, she requested that the toy include cellulite on the body and have NO thigh-gap, as she wanted it to be an authentic representation of herself. The result? An all-embracing doll, complete with a rounded belly, curved arms, and no thigh gap.

“Girls are seeing somebody who appreciates the things about their own bodies that haven’t been celebrated and it’s OK for your thighs to touch, despite society saying that a thigh gap is more beautiful,” said Graham.

Graham’s body positive messages and realistic representation of girls everywhere, has done wonders for our perceptions of beauty – and the hope is that her Barbie version will do the same for all of the little girls who interact with this doll.

The new move by Mattel has already led to their dolls selling out, and is hopefully a victory for parents who are looking to make more socially conscious decisions for their kids. Ashley Graham, you go, girl!

By Meghana Rabindranath


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