Ask Us Anything: How to Revive Old Mascara

Komal Basith

We love hearing from you here at Jossbox, and so we’re formalizing this love – putting a ring on it, if you will – with Ask Us Anything, where we attempt to answer your (hopefully not) burning questions about all things beauty.

It’s a mix of general wisdom we’ve pick up over years of being in the beauty industry combined with expert advice from our dermatologist, facialist, makeup artist and hairstylist friends, whose collective careers span decades (and almost every celebrity imaginable), and who are all used to being contacted at random hours of the day with pressing questions about the state of our hair / skin / eye shadow / lives. Have a beauty question of your own? Ask away!


I stay away from lipstick because my lips are quite thin, but I really want to experiment with some colour. Is there anything I can do to make them look fuller without drawing attention to the fact that they’re really not?

Of course! You might want to start by using a lip plumper on your lips. I fell in love with DuWop’s Lip Venom after I discovered it on a shoot. The makeup artist swore by it and you could see the model’s lips starting to look fuller after he used some on her. The effect only lasts a few hours, but you can always reapply! In terms of colour, try frosty shades of pink, or matte, nude tones – the latter works especially well after the Lip Venom because it really does creates the illusion of lips that are naturally fuller. L’Oreal’s Color Riche Matte Lipstick in Silky Toffee is a gorgeous nude that adapts perfectly to all skin tones. Have fun!


My favourite mascara dried out before I got even halfway through the tube. Is there anything I can do to extend its life?

I feel your pain – I don’t know what it is about mascara, but they never seem to stay as moist as when you first open the tube. Here’s a little trick that works great – when your mascara gets dry, add a couple drops of a contact lens solution to it. It won’t make it exactly like it was, but it’ll extend the life of your mascara by a couple more months at least. While we're on the subject, try not to pump the mascara wand in and out of the tube in a bid to get more product on the brush; this only lets air in, which can dry the formula out. Instead, swirl the brush in the tube before you pull it out.


My hair is really dry, even during the summer, but all the conditioners and masks I use are making it really limp and greasy. What am I doing wrong?

Most conditioners contain silicones and while they are intended to make the hair silky to touch, they can often have the adverse effect of making it rather greasy. Additionally, silicones also dry the hair out over time, which won’t help your hair any. Try switching to a silicone-free conditioner, like Schwarzkopf’s Essensity Moisture Conditioner. I particularly love Organix’s all natural Macadamia Oil Conditioner – it works a treat on dry hair, doesn’t contain any silicones, and makes hair so soft.

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