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8 Bags Every Minimalist Will Love


Simple, but so sexy!

When you’re looking for the perfect bag, it’s important to match it to your personality. Whether it’s a day bag or an evening clutch, you won’t find a minimalist carry something ‘out there’ or furry for instance. It’s all about the functionality, stitching and that simple, but still sexy look.

Not only are they capable of pulling a look together, they also exude that sense of luxury and ease, no matter what the cost. We decided to hunt through some of our favorite accessory brands to pick out the best buys for the minimalist in you.

Zara Metallic Detail Tote Bag

Perfect for when you’re travelling or just to put all your office essentials in one place.

Chloé Faye at Le Mill

A little more on the expensive side, this one can be that ‘IT’ bag in your wardrobe. With it’s classy, minimal detailing, it fits your vibe and it’s definitely worth the price tag.

Forever New Hannah Structured Backpack

They’re on trend and when they’re this good looking, they don’t appear childish like most backpacks.

Missguided Minimal Clutch

Nothing is more satisfying than a clean, creamy nude clutch. And if you can keep it that way (looking spanking new), you’ve got one that matches with practically any outfit.

& Other Stories Pleated Shoulder Bag

When you’re a minimalist but still like a hint of color. Isn’t this one just perfection?

Tachi Senator Sleeve

If there’s one designer who understands functionality and minimalism, it’s Payal Khandwala. So something she designed has got to be on this list.

Viari Soho Travel Bag

Sure you need a bag to carry on a daily basis, but a thorough minimalist has one that works to travel with as well. This one features a built in case for your laptop and even a separate shoe bag. Nifty!

Nappa Dori Grenadier I – Oxblood

How one neat little sling bag can look this classy, I’ll never understand. You can see why this is on the list, right?


By Anushka Mulchandani


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