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What Happened When I Tried 7-Step-Toning

Meghana Rabindranath

Cause the Koreans really know their skincare

From sheet masks to Jamsu, there’s no stopping the Koreans quest for beauty innovation (and we can’t thank them enough). Their obsession with skincare and their perfect skin has the beauty world following everything they do. So what have they come up with this time? Just a 7-step skin toning method that is giving people the skin of their dreams.

Though the 7-step may seem like a lot, in theory, it’s actually really simple: apply seven layers of the same toner in succession after cleansing for the softest skin of your life and of course, supercharged hydration. Since Korean toners are incredibly lightweight, you can really layer them over your skin to boost those moisture levels. This technique is known to be good for all skin types and is especially beneficial if you’re of dry skin.

I decided to try out the technique in the name of great skin and was pleased with the results. My skin was baby soft and super glowy and my foundation blended like a dream, all that being said, no major changes appeared. Also, be prepared to be late for work because massaging toner into your skin takes a while.

Sure, seven layers of anything sounds mildly inconvenient. But if it gives you baby soft skin with a post-facial glow, wouldn’t you at least try it once? Here is the technique for the 7-step-toning regime. 


Step 1

Get yourself a good toner! Find one online, look for good reviews and pick the one that suits your skin type the best. I used the White seed brightening toner by the Face Shop (it smells so good) and is super lightweight and feels like nothing is on your skin (till about the 5th layer).


Step 2

You don’t have to use too much product considering you're applying it 7 times! So just a pump of the product will do. After you’ve cleansed your face apply the product onto your skin.


Step 3


The application of the product is such that it resembles “pushing” the product into your skin instead of rubbing it in circular motions like you would with other products.


Step 4


Let the product sit for a while and dry down and repeat 7 times! Hope you're looking forward to that glo'.


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