5 Ways To Add Sparkle To Your Beauty Look Without Being Too Extra

Devanshi Kapadia

You can actually wear these looks everyday!

Keep it easy and effortless with glitter… yes, with glitter! Sparkles don’t have to be OTT and loud, especially if that doesn’t vibe with your personality, although, personally, I love a little crazy. But, if you want to get in on the festive spirit by adding sparkles or glitter to your makeup, then here’s an easy way to do it.


The Inner Corner

Don’t have eyeshadow? Use your blinding eyeshadow to highlight this zone. Whatever kind of sparkle and glitter you use, this will make you appear bright and awake. It’s the new, Insta-favorite highlighting spot for the season.


Glitter Kohl

Change up your regular kajal for glitter kohl. Bring all the attention to your big. doe eyes with gold, silver, or colored, glitter liner. It’s a sure shot way to get into the festive spirit.


Glitter Polish

Try clear, glitter polish or colored glitter polish on your nails. To keep it extra subtle, you can apply a topcoat of clear, glitter polish on just one nail. Get your groove on with a creative, glitter mani!


Half-Way Glitter Eyeliner

Go ahead with your usual cat liner look and then add glitter on top of half your liner. You can either do the outer or inner half. You can either purchase glitter eyeliner or mix a little bit of eye drops in your glitter shadow, then dab on top of your liner.


Shimmer Lips

Try a soft, but beautiful metallic lipstick or shimmer gloss that’s high on shine and super reflective. You don’t have to go for a black or silver, just opt for shades of pink or red to keep it classic with a little something extra!


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