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7 Life Changing Beauty Lessons We Learnt From YouTuber Deepica Mutyala


She’s got the best makeup ideas for Indian skin tones!

For those of you who don’t already know, Deepica Mutyala first burst into the scene when one of her beauty tutorials on YouTube went viral. What was the video about? Deepica showed everyone how to conceal dark circles. Pretty straightforward, right? But she didn’t use just concealer. She used red lipstick to do it.

It was only her second video ever on the channel and everyone from Cosmopolitan to Vogue was writing about how amazing and effective her tutorial was. Naturally it all skyrocketed from there. Deepica now is on American TV a lot as a beauty expert, and her YouTube videos only get better and better.

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I’ve been following her ever since I read about her and to be very honest, I’ve learnt a whole lot. My skin tone isn’t the same shade as hers, but in spite of that there’s so much she can teach you about makeup. Here are a few things I’ve taken back from her beauty looks over the few months I’ve been keeping an eye on her:

The easiest way to nail a winged liner is by simply connecting the dots

What she does is creates a trace of dots on the lid of her eye and then fills those in to create the perfect cat-eye. A lot of tutorials ask you to use cards, tape or a spoon. This is so much easier!

Your eye makeup can totally match your clothes

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All my life, I avoided using the same colored shadow as my outfit just because I didn’t want to be too matchy-matchy. Well, here’s Deepica showing you that it looks totally hot! As long as the color isn’t too crazy, like an acid green, your shadow can totally match your outfit!

The secret behind making your eye shadow really pop

We’ve all bought shadow palettes we think will look amazing on our eyes but when we finally put them on, the color doesn’t always come through. Well the answer is white eyeliner or eye shadow primer. She even tells you why it’s better to get a white liner over the primer.

Oh, I tried it and it totally works!

Embrace your culture as often as you can

A photo posted by Deepica Mutyala (@deepicam) on

A photo posted by Deepica Mutyala (@deepicam) on

A photo posted by Deepica Mutyala (@deepicam) on

A photo posted by Deepica Mutyala (@deepicam) on

A photo posted by Deepica Mutyala (@deepicam) on

As an Indian in America, you’d think she would only try to be like her peers. But that’s not the case. Deepica manages to do a whole lot of Indian makeup tutorials and loves wearing a bindi any time she can. You’ve got to admit, she looks stunning!

There’s always a way to make one product work in many ways

Gold Shadow in different ways:

Brown liner in different ways: 

Just like she used her red lipstick as a color corrector for dark spots, she knows so many ways to use your basic gold eye shadow. It’s not just that, she’s even talked about using brown shadow to fill in your brows, highlighter to make your lips look plumper and so many other beauty gems like these!

Black lipstick on an Indian girl is totally doable

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I’ve always thought that those black, blue and green lips celebrities sport would never, ever suit me. I guess this proves me wrong! There are SO many other colors in the lipstick department other than your usual pinks, nudes and reds.

Just because you have mascara, doesn’t mean you forget those falsies

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A photo posted by Deepica Mutyala (@deepicam) on

A photo posted by Deepica Mutyala (@deepicam) on

It’s clear that she’s big on eyelashes and it’s not just mascara that makes them look like they’re about to blow you away. She openly endorses false lashes and they look so fine, it’s going to be hard to leave home without them.

By Anushka Mulchandani


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