Let’s Take A Second To Talk About Athiya Shetty’s Beauty Game

Anushka Mulchandani

What do you get when you have great genes and a fantastic makeup artist?

Everyone talks about how Athiya Shetty is touted to be the country’s next fashion icon. Sure, they might be right but the Maybelline IT girl has more than just her fantastic outfit game on point.

Heading into the launch of her second film, Athiya’s makeup seems to be getting better and better with every promotional event. With her flawless skin and razor sharp features, it’s easy to look good even bare faced. But it’s definitely more fun to take advantage of those great genes to create some stunning makeup looks.

Take a look at our favorites so far:


Athiya’s makeup artist, Shraddha Naik says, “if you want to go bright on your lips, then keep the rest of the face clean.” And we couldn’t agree more! That orange lip paired with just mascara lined eyes makes for a gorgeous day look.


Next time you’re bored of that regular smoky eye, how about a reversed smoky instead? Take your kajal or dark eye shadow and smudge it under your lower lash line. Make sure to be neat and clean up any excess with concealer.


If you don’t want your eye makeup to be too hectic, Vaseline could be your best friend. Apply some on your lid to make it look radiant (you could even mix in some gold or silver dust). Finish it with a simple liner and mascara.


Another rather bare look, we love this one for the cherry lips. And that effortless smudged liner, of course.


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This is the look you want to create when you want mermaid eyes without the commitment. Just bit of purple dust in the corner of your eyes will do the trick!


If there were ever a makeup look that was perfect for both traditional and western outings, this would be it. Metallic eyes, a thick coat of mascara and nude lips make for a stunning combination.


When all else fails, your trusty cat eyeliner will never let you down. Extend it out a little for a dramatic effect and it’ll make for a stunner of a look. 


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