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10 Beauty Bloggers’ Go-To Date Night Looks

Devanshi Kapadia

We’re covering everything from the classic red lip to LIT, dewy makeup.

No matter what time of the year or month, date night is never out of fashion. Some nights are about dolling up and some dates are for that casual look where you have makeup on, but it looks like no makeup. We all know that it takes effort! So, whether you’re meeting a new guy or keeping the butterflies alive with your long-time boo, take some inspo from our favorite bloggers and their go-to date night looks.

SM Caption: Date night can always do with more beauty inspo, so check out 10 famous bloggers and their beat date night looks.



Sonjdra’s makeup look is a natural-ish date night look that just slightly exaggerates your beautiful features. If you want to keep it extra simple, just skip out the eyeliner, but I feel like eyeliner really draws out your eyes, which is both, sweet and sultry, for date night.


Kaushal Beauty

Kaushal filmed an actual GRWM (Get Ready With Me) from one of her date nights. It’s super simple, chic, and soft. She hasn’t used a stark highlight and the pink-y blush gives the look a romantic vibe.


Carli Bybel

Carli’s look is a fall inspired makeup look. It’s got a lot of brown and rose gold tones. This is the perfect look for bar night, clubbing, or a concert kind of activity with your S.O. Plus, if you’re getting bored of too much matte then this makeup is loaded with shimmer.


Valeria Lipovetsky

Valeria likes simple, easy-going looks for date night. If you’re like her, then this is the look for you. She’s got a bunch of helpful tips along the way and her look is perfect for heat and humidity because nobody wants to melt on an outdoorsy date night.


Jeffree Star

Jeffree shot this video before a date night with his boyfriend IRL. Unlike most of Jeffree’s videos, this makeup is pretty subtle, but for his standards, of course! He looks glow-y and fresh, so if you want something that is halfway between subtle and turnt,then this is the look for you.



LustreLux shows us not only her beautiful, pink eyeshadow date night look, but she’s doing the whole GRWM. So, that includes her outfit, hair, and pre-makeup routine. I love this look for a little color that’s balanced with a neutral lip and face.


Melissa Alatorre

What about wearing a smoky eye for a date night? I know, it seems crazy, but check this look out. Melissa does it right with a soft, but sultry makeup look that features us a chilled out smoky eye.


Alyssa Forever

Want to look super cute? Opt for this simple, date night makeup look. If you don’t wanna come off too harsh, this looks is dewy, pretty, and perfect! Remember, don’t make your eyebrows too strong. Keep them filled, but natural to come off as sweet.


Kim Thai

Leave a lasting impression on your date with this lash batting, extra rosy makeup look. Kim shows us a statement look that requires no smoky and no liner. Her look is literally from start to finish. Go from drab in the morning to fab in the afternoon or evening with her GRWM routine.


Bella Fiori

And finally, if none if the above is your style, but you want a classic, super subtle liner and red lips, then here is the look for you. Keep it sleek, chic, and gorgeous with Bella’s easy-to-follow hair and makeup tutorial. 


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