We Just Found The Perfect Eye Makeup Remover

Komal Basith

Throw everything else out!

I’ve been a fan of the double cleansing method to remove makeup at the end of the day for ages now, but it’s only recently that I realized that there might be something to removing my eye makeup separately before I crack on with the rest of my makeup removal – call it a delayed reaction to not wanting to have my mascara, eyeshadow, and the rest of my eye makeup swimming around on my face while I took off my foundation, primer, etc.

Cue the quest for a gentle yet effective eye makeup remover that would effectively remove even waterproof mascara (something I reach for on days I know are going to be super long, like a shoot day) without stinging my eyes or leaving an oily residue.

Micellar water seemed like the obvious choice, since it looks and feels like water but is proven to be great at removing heavy duty makeup and I kissed many frogs in the process of finding the one – Bioderma’s famous Sensibio, Lancome’s equally famous Bi-Facil and Avene’s version of micellar cleansing water among them – and while the former and the latter are both great at removing makeup, they still lacked a little something in the eye makeup department, either requiring more rubbing and tugging than I like around my eyes. Not to mention, all three sometimes failed to remove every last smidgen of mascara unless I was really, consciously thorough, and some nights you just want to swipe a cotton pad on and be done with it.

Enter The Body Shop’s Camomile Waterproof Eye & Lip Make Up Remover. It’s formulated to remove all types of eye and lip makeup, even waterproof, is alcohol- and fragrance-free and works like a dream.

I’d tried the milder version for sensitive eyes years ago and never ended up finishing the bottle because it was one of those neither here nor there formulas – it did the job, but only after lots of coaxing, swiping and rubbing. Not so with the new version - it removes eye makeup thoroughly and effortlessly in seconds, leaves eyes incredibly clean, and you only need one cotton pad per eye, which I love. There’s zero greasy residue, too – just soft, fresh, completely makeup-free eyes.

I love the mildly clinical feel to the packaging, too, and the fact that it looks a bit clinical coupled with the fact that you have to shake it up a bit before you use is kind of delightful, to be honest. (I am easily pleased when it comes to these things.) The best bit? If you’re really, really tired, the formula can also double as an all-over cleansing water, although I have to say there’s no real substitute for a good, thorough double cleanse at the end of the day.

So this is what my nighttime routine now looks like – eye makeup remover, cleansing balm + washcloth, second cleanse with a cream cleanser, toner and face oil. The eye makeup remover is an extra step, sure, but it’s totally worth it – I can start my face cleanse without having to worry about pushing day-old mascara all around my face, and go to bed knowing there’s not a trace of mascara or eyeshadow clogging up my lashes at night. Win!


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