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Kareena Kapoor Khan’s Best Pregnancy Outfits

Anushka Mulchandani

Bebo’s pre-baby style was top notch!

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The Begum of Bollywood just gave birth to a baby boy! Even days before her delivery, nothing stopped Kareena Kapoor Khan from putting her best foot forward (literally) and staying out of bed. While she wasn’t working at the time (not that we put it past her), she still partied with her friends and was spotted out every other day.

Why are we rambling about her being pregnant? Well, because Bebo’s pre-baby style was possibly better than when she wasn’t expecting, and we couldn’t help but admire it every time she stepped out.

While her skin glows even more than normal (is she even human?), the clothes she’s been putting on her back have been top notch and to be honest, we can’t find a single one we didn’t like.

So before she starts spending more time with her baby than she does dressing up, here’s a recap of all our favorite looks:


Let’s ease into it with this outfit that as been masterfully layered


And this airport number we’re sure wouldn’t look as good if she wasn’t pregnant!


Here she is doing all black like a freaking queen with her squad

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She slays even in a simple kurta

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And this slit gown is #Goals!


She even walked the runway while pregnant

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And her layering game just got stronger and stronger

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Black makes her look seriously hot


And lets not even get into the level of hotness she exudes in red


She can be edgy while pregnant


But she knows how to keep it simple when it’s required


Kim Kardashian, who?




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