Bobbi Brown’s Art Stick Liquid Lip Is As Multi-Functional As It Gets!

Anushka Mulchandani

It makes a great case for how one product can be used three ways

Earlier this month, Bobbi Brown invited us to come and meet our “new squeeze”. Now the Estée Lauder group in general always has such fun launches, you couldn’t blame us for being excited for this one. They had their Director of Education & Artistry, Eliano Bau Assi give everyone a master class on how to use Bobbi Brown’s iconic Art Sticks as well as apply a full face of makeup without any tools.

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As a lazy girl who is always late, you’ve got to admit, it’s the only way to do your makeup. Now their new launch, the Art Stick Liquid Lip is a creamy and super pigmented lipstick, which comes in the form of a squeezable color stick. Sure it’s lightweight and moisturizing but the best part about the product is all the places you can apply it.

Well of course your lips is what it’s meant for, but Eliano showed us that the tiniest drop could be applied to your cheeks and blended in to create the most glowy blush – the same shade as your lip.  And I decided to take it a step further and blended it with my glitter eye shadow to use on my lids as well.

Before you get crazy with it, remember that the stick is highly pigmented. So yes you can use it in it’s full glory on your lips, but when you’re using it anywhere else on your face, remember to use the bare minimum. You’ll be surprised at how much color you can get from the smallest drop.

The new Art Sticks are available in 15 shades at all Bobbi Brown stores as well as on Nykaa.com. It retails for Rs. 2,600 a pop.

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