The Celebrity Approved Way To Wear Head-To-Toe White

Anushka Mulchandani

Let Kendall Jenner, Priyanka Chopra & Anushka Sharma show you how it’s done

For some reason, wearing white on white makes your outfit look more expensive than it actually is. You may have purchased your top from a thrift store and trousers from some place high street, but when put together, they tend to appear super attractive, possibly because it all looks so neat and clean.

It’s not so much a trend really, because people have been wearing the combination for years; and if you’re indoors, even during the monsoon.  While it looks good on almost everyone, it looks even grander on celebrities – because it’s not just throw on and go for them, you see.

So since these all-white outfits are already impeccably styled, why not take some inspiration from them, right?


Priyanka Chopra

As far as a suit set goes, Priyanka Chopra’s has got to be the hottest one around. The quadruple whites put together makes her outfit almost too sexy to handle.


Kendall Jenner

Flared trousers this season are already winning in our style books. Put on a white pair with a cropped jacket to match and your look is instantly supermodel approved!


Anushka Sharma

Anushka Sharma’s outfit might look like a shirt and skirt but it’s actually a dress. The contrast between her stiff collar and the flirty hemline makes this both work and play appropriate.


Bella Hadid

If there ever could be the perfect Sunday outfit, this would be it – A white crop top with matching joggers and kicks. Forget Sunday, we’d wear this everyday of the week!


Deepika Padukone

Lace white separates put together make such a divine combination! Deepika’s shirt and trouser duo makes you want to host a glamorous brunch just so you can wear something like this.


Kriti Sanon

Sometimes just white on white isn’t enough. Kriti’s outfit wouldn’t have looked this good without that added long line waistcoat. Now, it’s a masterpiece!


Shay Mitchell

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Shay Mitchell’s outfit is a delicious triple threat! She wore white trousers with a satin white cami and a duster coat to match. There isn’t one person who wouldn’t stop to stare once you walked past in this number.


Amy Jackson

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If all else fails keep it simple. A pair of white trousers and a matching crop top won’t ever let you down.


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