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Condé Nast Traveller’s Divia Thani

Komal Basith

It’s always so great to hear from you guys. One of our readers, Reema, emailed recently asking for recommendations for rosehip oil; we got to chatting and the conversation turned to women she’d love to see on Jossbox – women like Divia Thani, editor-in-chief of Condé Nast Traveller India. “I love to travel but hate to pack,” she said, echoing a pretty common sentiment, “and it’d be cool to see how she does it, because she's probably always on the go.”

Divia does travel all the time (Bangalore, Delhi, Australia and Germany just this month, as it turns out), and Reema was right; she’s a super efficient packer! So here you go, Reema and everyone else who hates to pack – Divia’s guide to packing (and travelling) like a pro!

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