Currently Loving: Benetint + Lollitint


Benefit might be known for its retro, cool girl packaging, but what really put it on the beauty map are its range of lip and cheek tints. First came Benetint, which became a cult classic seemingly overnight and was followed by a series of similar shades, all promising the illusion of naturally rosy lips and flushed cheeks. But of all of Benefit’s successors, the one we’re most excited about is its latest, the bubblegum pink Lollitint. Of the two, which one should you get?

That depends on what you’re looking for – if it’s a subtle, buildable flush you’re after, Benetint is your guy. The universally flattering shade somehow manages to deliver a believable, natural looking stain to pretty much any skin tone, which explains its popularity. This is a thin, watery formula that can be brushed onto both cheeks and lips, smells like roses, and  lasts for hours, so you don’t have to worry about the colour fading, like with other tints, and the deep berry shade is best for when you want to look like you #wokeuplikethis.

Meanwhile, the newer, jazzier Lollitint is a different animal altogether. At first look, it might remind you of nailpolish – it’s thicker and more pigmented than the Benetint, and is a candy orchid pink that can easily be built into a deeper pink.

Like the Benetint, Lollitint stays on for up to four hours (significant snacking included) and is great for lending skin a flushed, post-workout blush.

Seriously, you could fool anyone into thinking you just got back from the gym with this stuff – just make sure you apply it to the apples of your cheeks in and work it into your skin immediately, because it sets incredibly fast. And while it sits pretty on lighter skin tones, it’s especially stunning on Indian skin – but then again, so is the Benetint. So deciding which one to get is really just upto what you’re looking for – a natural, berry pink or a more pumped up, electric one; you could also do as we did, and just get both!

Available at Sephora.



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