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Don't Be Sad About Your Wrinkles

Komal Basith

I’m 25, and I’m already starting to see fine lines on my face. Isn’t that way too young? What’s the best way to hide them?

Everyone’s skin is different and ages differently, so it isn’t unheard of to start seeing fine lines or wrinkles in your 20s. Fine lines are an inevitable part of going about your life, so I wouldn’t worry too much about how they look. Sunscreen’s a great way to prevent them – studies show that about 90% of all visible skin aging is caused by sun damage. Plumping your skin out by keeping it well moisturized helps minimize the appearance of fine lines, too – you might want to give Ren’s Satin Perfection BB Cream a shot. It features SPF 15, antioxidants to combat free radicals (the stuff responsible for the breakdown of collagen in your skin and the subsequent fine lines), glides over skin for a smooth, even finish (just what you want when you’re looking to minimize fine lines) and contains seaweed extract, which is a great all-round anti-ager.

When is the best time to start using retinol?

As soon as it gets a bit warmer out. Retinol can take some getting used to – it can be a bit irritating to your skin at first, which is only exacerbated by dry, cold weather. Retinol does make your skin more sensitive to the sun though, so don’t forget your SPF. And if you mean when in your life you should start using retinol, opinions vary, with some dermatologists saying anything before 30 does more damage than good, while some say that starting in your 20s is like skin insurance. So do what feels right for you – try it out for 2 weeks, and take it from there. Peter Thomas Roth’s Retinol Fusion PM is a great starter retinol – it’s gentle on the skin, and works on pretty much every skin type.

This next question’s in-house, courtesy Jossbox’s own Nikhil. Upon asking around further, I learnt that this is a common concern among the menfolk, so I thought I’d include it in case you’re a man who reads Jossbox (welcome!) or just so you know what to tell your guy the next time he asks.

You know how sometimes when you’re working out you have to take a break because, say, you get sick? And then you sort of shrink, so you get these stretch marks on your arms? Is there anything you can do to stretch the skin back out so the stretch marks disappear?

First off, that’s adorable! But no, stretching the skin back out won’t really make the stretch marks go away, since they’re a result of rapid gain or loss. Your best bet is to keep your skin moisturized at all times – so lots of water and a good moisturiser right after the shower – but those are more preventative measures.

Stretch marks happen when you skin tears on a deeper level, so there’s not much you can do for it on the surface once you have them, according to Hollywood dermatologist Dr. Paul Jarrod Frank, who you might remember from here.  If they’re new marks in which case Vitamin E can be effective, as can a collagen boosting formula like Strivectin, according to Dr. Frank. You can also laser the silvery grey stripes away, but sadly, once they’re there, they’re not likely to go anywhere. I’ll keep you posted if I ever hear otherwise!

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And because it’s almost the weekend – here’s Saturday Night Live’s Kate McKinnon parodying Justin Bieber in those ads for Calvin Klein.




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