Dump Your Basic Makeup Brushes For This Master Set

Naaila Khan

If you haven’t already tried linear makeup brushes, you absolutely have to. They’re the latest, coolest, upgraded versions of your average makeup brushes, and there’s a reason they’ve been busy at work backstage at many a fashion show – many reasons, in fact.

The most popular linear brushes come from pro makeup brand Artis. Developed by Mathew Waitesmith, formerly of M.A.C., the set of 10 brushes are made of super soft synthetic hair called cosmefibre and are about 3 to 10 times as compact as the standard brushes.

The takeaway? Even application, where a little goes a long way. And though they might look like fancy silver toothbrushes, their shape is exactly what makes them so handy – the handle and neck have texturized grip pads that make them easy to hold and that fit naturally into the planes of your face.

Each brush also has a unique shape suited to every area of the face. In case you were wondering, they also work well with cream and gel based makeup, diffusing the formula evenly. Bonus: They look pretty fancy, too!

As for the cleaning, Artis also has a patented cleaning system where you squirt some of their special cleansing foam on their special microfibre cloth for especially clean brushes. 

If you're a diehard M.A.C. fan, we've got good news for you - they have a similar range called the Masterclass Makeup Brushes, which actually preceded the ones from Artis - thanks, again, to Mr. Waitesmith. 

In addition to being super functional, using them also feels like getting a mini massage everytime you do your makeup, which is always fun. 

Still unsure? Watch these demo videos and decide whether you'll give your current brush set a boot for these guys.


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M.A.C Masterclass Makeup Brushes are available in all M.A.C stores nationwide.

Image courtesy Artis's Instagram.


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