A Quick Look At The New Dyson AirWrap

Komal Basith

I’m a bit of a newbie to styling my hair, but I’ve always looked longingly at women with effortless, voluminous waves with the perfect amount of texture and a little bit of sheen at the ends – it’s my dream hair aesthetic, but one that I’ve never been able to master. It’s probably because as with most things, learning how to style your hair is a lesson in practice and patience, and I’m not exactly known for the latter.

Somewhere during the second half of 2018 I spent a couple of days looking at hair tutorials, fished out the 4,356 hair tools I’ve accumulated over the years that were gathering dust in my drawer, and went at it.

I’ve now got the routine down pat, except I’ve realized that beach waves are addictive and now that I know how easy it is to achieve the look, I never, ever want to go back to poker straight hair again. There’s a bit of a tradeoff here though, as I’m sure you know if you’ve been blow drying or styling your hair for years longer than I have – damage, and plenty of it.

Not even when I had a full head of platinum, pink or blue hair (we’re talking circa 2014 here) has my hair felt so dry. My theory is that heat is likely more damaging to your hair than bleach because of the repetitive nature of styling – you’ve got to do it at least a few times a week or, if you’re like me, often everyday. My hair doesn’t want to hold a curl because it’s fine, super straight and relatively smooth, although that’s quickly changing and so I’m often touching up my waves every day.

This is why the Dyson AirWrap has been on my radar ever since it launched in 2018. The same company that owns the cult favourite Hair Dryer is now back to change the way you style your hair without damaging it as much as you currently do.

The AirWrap uses something called the Coanda effect, which is something that apparently happens when air is pushed out at high speeds across a surface. The AirWrap harnesses this tech to dry and style your hair using both heat and air, without exposing it to extreme heat the way that regular hairstylers like blow dryers or curling wands do.

Here's why I’m so excited about it:

- It’s a wet-to-dry styler, which means it’s meant to be used when your hair is about 80% dry. This alone is game changer, because it means that you no longer have to wait until the day after you wash your hair to style it or worry about exposing your hair to excessive amounts of heat on the day you wash it, what with the blow drying and the styling.

- There are a number of attachments including brushes and curling rods to help you get a bunch of different looks, from tight curls to glamorous waves to beachy hair to straight and smooth and even a salon-like blowout. I’m a sucker for a multitasking product.

- It comes with a mini Dyson Hair Dryer! It’s not quite as powerful as the original, but I imagine it does the job just fine and makes the AirWrap a great investment if you’re already thinking about getting the Hair Dryer.

So there you have it – the AirWrap is finally in India as of this month and available on the Dyson India website alongwith Nykaa and Amazon, although they don’t seem to be on the latter two yet – so your best bet is currently buying it straight off the Dyson website, here.

p.s. If you’d like an honest, straightforward review of the AirWrap, I love this one by Fleur de Force!

What do you think? Are you going to get it? Let me know if you do!

Image courtesy @lisa.autumn


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