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Nail Art Ideas That Are Perfect For The Holidays

Anushka Mulchandani

Because you know your manicure will be an important part of those holiday photos!

You could have the coolest rings and bracelets out there, but the fact of the matter is none of it will look good without a great manicure to match.

That said, your manicure could change going with the season. Imagine bright yellow or blue nails for summer, purple and pinks for spring and darker shades for fall and winter – the mechanics work exactly like the clothes hanging in your wardrobe.

While most of us can barely make the time to give our nails that necessary double coat, some people come up with the coolest nail art ideas for every changing season.

These are some of the best ones we found for the holidays. So the next time you’re skipping work for no good reason this December, here’s what you can do!


The perfect glittering snowflake


This glitter bomb design couldn’t be more ideal for December


An upgrade for your regular chrome mani

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This one is like Christmas morning on your nails

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This marble effect mani will work all year round


And this galaxy art is perfect for NYE!

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A little ombré never hurt anyone


You’ll definitely need a hand or three for these, but they’re too pretty to resist

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