Easy Neutrals: Urban Decay Naked Palettes

Komal Basith

I’m a sucker for two things – minimalism and good packaging. Put the two together and you’ll see why my very favourite thing is a bouquet of flowers, all one colour, wrapped in brown paper and string – none of that plastic stuff for me (take note, potential admirers).

Perhaps that’s why I didn’t jump on the Naked by Urban Decay, the supposedly game-changing set of netural eyeshadows, bandwagon the first time it rolled into town – it came in a velvet box with shiny gold lettering, and I was too busy working neon eyeliner to worry about the perfect nude eye.

Then two things happened – nude makeup became cool once again– all barely-there eyeshadow, rosebud cheeks and flushed, glowing skin – and so, through the reverse osmosis that is the nature of trends, slowly seeping into your subconscious until they start to feel like an original, personal choice, I started warming up to the idea.

Looking like yourself, but better? Maybe there’s something to it after all!

There was just one thing standing between me and that elusive is-she-isnt-she glory; an inability to master the nude eye. All previous attempts ended with me looking terribly surprised (too beige) or like I hadn’t slept in weeks (too taupe).

 Then Urban Decay announced the Naked 2 palette, which included seven shades from the old palette and five new ones, making it the perfect neutral palette for all skin tones, which was followed in (somewhat) rapid succession by the Naked 3 palette, a rose gold, champagne-hued collection of neutral shades – there’s a veritable rainbow of them, as it turns out.

They come encased in cool, art-school inspired packaging and feature soft, buildable shades which last for hours, but the best bit is there’s a foolproof way to wearing them for believable, beautiful ‘nude’ eye looks.

Just divide them into sets of 3, starting with the first four shades. The first set of four is meant to be applied all over the eye. The second set works best when applied to the centre of the eye, while the last set can be added to the outer corner of your eye for added drama.

Between the two palettes, you’ve got enough eye looks to take you from barely-there, office-appropriate looks to super vamped up glamour.

And they sit so pretty on the dressing table, too. Result! 


Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, Rs. 3,700 with free delivery, available on Beauty Bay

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette, Rs. 3,700 with free delivery, available on Beauty Bay.




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