Found: The Bronzer To End All Bronzers

Komal Basith

Estée Lauder does it again.

Summer’s here, which means many things – there’s at least one superhero movie playing at any given theatre near you, you’re finally shaving your legs again, and Estée Lauder is out with its annual Bronze Goddess Limited Edition collection, designed to make putting on a full summer makeup lewk a five-minutes-or-less situation.

Case in point: I did my entire face using just the products from the Bronze Goddess collection yesterday – and then sat around in my bathrobe for about an hour or two figuring out what to wear which made me very late, but that’s besides the point.

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Internationally, the collection features a couple of extras like the now cult fragrance Eau Fraîche, which smells like the world’s most luxurious sunscreen (in a good way) but the Indian offering is slightly more edited, consisting of their staple Bronze Goddess Powder Bronzer (worn on the cheeks and eyes above), the Illuminating Powder Gelee, an insanely gorgeous, glittery, shimmery bronzing highlighter (worn on the cheekbones and eyelids), and two shades of the Summer Lip Glow, lightly pigmented lip balms that add a lightly frosted wash of colour to your lips (and mine, above).

The star of the collection, however, is the bronzer. It’s matte without being intimidatingly pigmented and blends incredibly well, which is the key to a great bronzer.  It means that you can layer it on with abandon until you’ve reached peak ‘I’ve been on the beach all week’ – which, when you’ve just had a baby like I have, is laughably not the case. Still, a girl can dream…

Available at Estée Lauder and Sephora stores nationwide.


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