You Need To See All The Crazy Eyebrow Trends On The Internet Right Now!

Anushka Mulchandani

We dare you to try these

If I had to pick one beauty product to carry with me on a deserted island, it would Benefit’s Precisely My Brow pencil. I’m the textbook definition of an obsessive eyebrow shaper and nailing luscious looking brows daily is my life’s mission.

So, of course, I’m familiar with pretty much every brow trend that has hit the Internet lately. And I’m talking everything, from glitter brows to the most recent brow wigs – yes, you read correctly.

Somewhere along the way, these eyebrow trends got a little crazy but whatever said and done, they’re all worth a watch – and a try if you have the patience.

At some point, glitter makeup became huge. Everything from glitter lips, highlighter and shadow were really popular so of course, it had to hit the eyebrows too.  It’s super easy to do this one. Get yourself some eyebrow wax or gel and brush your brows with it. Once that’s done just roughly place the glitter on.

This next one I would totally try. Microblading is when they tattoo on ultra fine lines with your existing brows to fill them in or give them shape – depending on your need.

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If you’re into Korean beauty trends, you already know about the peel off brow tint. Like those peel off lipsticks, once you peel off this tint, you’re left with instantly fuller brows. Of course, you’ll need to shape them yourself.

Feather eyebrows high key make me uncomfortable. The trick involves parting your brows down the middle and using a gel to keep them separated; kind of like a middle parting, but for your brows.

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Now unless you want to look like an alien, I don’t know why anyone would do this. It’s not too hard to do, but tbh it just doesn’t make sense for daily (or even occasional) use.

You had to have seen this coming, right? Like those lace front wigs for your hair, you can now just add these on to your brows. No pencils, no needles and certainly no tattoos needed. 


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