Give False Eyelashes A longer Life With This Trick!

Devanshi Kapadia

Go ahead, spend a bomb on them falsies, cause you don't need to throw them out.

We’ve all seen the Instagram baddies rocking some seriously fierce eyelashes. Personally, I love wearing a pair of falsies on any night out. But, I stick with super cheap falsies I’ve bought from the streets of Bangkok. While that’s great when I’m applying them on my clients, they’re definitely not the easiest to apply as a beginner, or on oneself. They’re not as durable, the hairs aren’t as natural, and their thicker strips often don’t bend according to the shape of your eye. So, a pair from a reputed brand is probably your best bet. The only issue is, after spending a bomb on them, how do we get them to last, despite the glue and mascara?


Pick Off The Glue


Literally, use a tweezer and pick off any glue that’s sitting on your used lashes. Be careful not to pick on the hairs and twist or bend the lash further.  


Hot Water


Twirl them around under hot water or in a bowl of hot water. The water shouldn’t be too hot, just right! As you twirl them, watch the mascara from the lashes loosen up and continue till the lashes or more wispy and lose shape. Add makeup remover to the water for added effectiveness.


Comb It Out


Use a spoolie brush to comb off any excess product. Hold it in between your fingers as you comb out. Make sure you don’t comb it in too many curling motions. It will dry like that and then your lashes will look false. It should have a slight curl and every hair should be spread out.


Box ‘Em


I suggest, you save the box that you bought your lashes in and try storing them in there. 


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