Fashion’s Favourite New Jeans


Whatever happened to the skinny jean? A look at the real life runway that is global street style will tell you that all the cool girls are swapping them for looser fits in worn out finishes that look like they picked them up from a pile of their boyfriend’s clothes on the floor; except what’s keeping things interesting is how women are wearing them, as the one casual element in an otherwise dressy outfit.

We’re talking about coats, sequins, high heels and red lipstick all being offset by a perfectly distressed pair of jeans and frankly, we love it; it’s unexpected and it adds a sense of balance, two things that make for great style.

There are plenty of options to choose from in stores, with almost every brand offering a version of the jeans including Levi’s, who have come up with the perfect pair of slouchy, believably worn in, distressed jeans with the 501 CT. Here's look at our favourite ways to wear fashion’s favourite new denim.

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