I Just Had The World’s Most Embarrassing Pedicure

Komal Basith

Walked away from it with the world’s softest feet though #winning

Let’s get straight to the point – Footlogix, a Canadian brand that specializes in customized pedicures – bespoke pedicures, if you will – have launched in India at the Jean Claude Biguine chain of salons. The brand makes a host of products designed to address everything from dry skin to seriously cracked heels and nail infections, which are used as part of the pedicure but also retail separately. The lovely people at Jean Claude Biguine had me over to try one of their tailor-made treatments, and it was one of the better pedicures I’ve ever had, to be honest – and oddly long lasting, too. Three weeks later and my polish is still intact.

But let’s start the story by rewinding to about three days before my appointment, when I was Marie Kondo-ing my beauty wardrobe (I do indeed have one, and it was overflowing with product) and came across a stash of those Korean foot peeling masks that went viral last year or so; the ones where you soak your feet in the solution and then a few days of disugstin foot skin shedding later, you wake up to baby soft feet. Babyfoot! That’s what the they’re called. These were a variation of the Babyfoot masks, from a Korean brand called The Face Shop, and I’d bought about a dozen on my last trip to Korea.

Have you ever tried to clean your closet only to give up halfway because you ended up distracting yourself by trying on things you haven’t worn in a decade just to see if they still fit? And the next thing you know you’re eating ice cream and watching Netflix on the couch while wearing a large poufy dress that you swore you’d find an occasion to wear when you bought it in 2007?

I ended up doing a version of that – abandoning all plans to edit my beauty products down to only the essentials to sit on the couch and watch Master of None while my feet stewed in two feet-sized bags filled with whatever they put in there to make your skin peel like crazy. Exactly three days before my appointment with Footlogix. Oh, and guess how long those masks take to start working / peeling? Three days!

You know what happens next. Imagine the horror on the foot technician’s face when, after filling out a rather specific form detailing my various foot concerns and history (they’re serious about feet over at Footlogix), I deposited myself into one of the plush chairs at Jean Claude Biguine and took my shoes off to see bits of skin hanging off my feet. While you’re here, imagine my horror too – I’d completely forgotten about the mask, and there had been zero signs that my feet were going to start peeling when they did.

So a word of caution, if you will – it takes three days for those peeling foot masks to start working, and they go from zero to extreme peel action with absolutely no warning whatsoever. Schedule your application accordingly.

Thankfully, the folks at Jean Claude Biguine are rather savvy to beauty trends and had heard about the Korean peeling masks and so I didn’t have to pull my phone out to prove to them that I wasn’t making it up. They just went a little easier on the exfoliating action than usual since my feet were doing just fine in that department all by themselves.

Coming back to the pedicure: I was especially impressed by the Footlogix DD Cream Mouse Formula, a moisturizing treatment that comes out the bottle looking like a mousse, applies almost like a body butter and sinks right into the skin without a trace of stickiness. I’ve been using the mousse every night since, and my feet are possibly the softest they’ve ever been.

The pedicures are now available at all Jean Claude Biguine salons across the country, so book yourself one the next time you need a pedicure – just, you know, don’t use one a Korean foot peeling mask first. Or do; it’s not like they haven’t dealt with a client whose skin was peeling right off their feet. You’re welcome!


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