Is It Weird That We Want These My Little Pony Glitter Masks So Bad Right Now?

Komal Basith

Like the headline says – glittery My Little Pony-themed masks now exist in this crazy world of ours and while it may have been at least 15 years since we were last into the show, there’s something about these pink and purple (there’s a black one too but let’s be honest, we’re really here for the first two) glitter masks that are making us want to drop everything and head to our nearest Sephora. Or better – and more dangerously – still, to Nykaa.com.

What’s in it? The same goodness you’ve come to know and love from Glamglow’s Gravitymud Firming Treatment, i.e. softer, tighter, firmer skin in 30 minutes or less. These masks were practically made for showing off on social media; did we mention they’re pink and purple and feature lots and lots of glitter? We know what we’re doing this Sunday!

Available at Sephora and online at Nykaa.com.




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