Going Green: Kareena Kapoor

Komal Basith

Catching up with Kareena Kapoor on the set of her ad for Tetley Green Tea, and scoring tips on that gorgeous, fresh, nude makeup.


“I know that people associate me with health and fitness, and the truth is I’ve been on this health trip for a while now, about eight or nine years. I think the only thing that really, really helped me with it was green tea. It’s so highly recommended by dieticians and health freaks for a reason – it really does keep you super energized, that’s the best thing about it.

I think a cup a day sort of sets you for your entire day – one cup and you’re good. One’s recommended by every dietician, but I stretch it up to three sometimes.

The truth is you are what you put in your body – what you eat, what you drink. I wish more people would believe in this; it really makes you who you are.

That’s why I prefer being vegetarian – it just makes me feel better. You shower everyday, but it’s just as important to cleanse yourself from the inside – green tea really helps you do that. It helps you feel cleaner.

It makes sense to me, anyway, because I’ve always been a super green person. All my meals have something green in them – I eat every green veggie you can imagine, and I’ve got to have some at least once a day.

I’ve got to say, I’m quite proud to be endorsing green tea; I love the stuff. It keeps me slim, it keeps me fit. But yeah, I’m quite a green girl. I don’t know anyone who eats doodhi and spinach with the same gusto, not even my sister. (Laughs)"




Between takes, I hung out with Kapil Bhalla, Kareena’s makeup artist, who gave me the low down on how he created Kareena’s fresh, natural makeup for the shoot.


“Kareena’s look is one that suits her wonderfully; it’s clean and fresh because the whole idea was nude makeup, but nude makeup has a lot of stuff going on too. The main idea is to highlight the eyes without looking like you’ve done too much. Still, it’s a look that’s fairly easy to do; it only takes about 20 minutes to put together.”


Check out the new ad here.

As told to Komal Basith. 

Kareena Kapoor photographed by Komal Basith in Mumbai. © Komal Basith. 



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