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How To Pull Double (Beauty) Duty At The Gym

Meghana Rabindranath

From beautiful skin to maximising your workout, get it here

If you often find yourself going to work, going to the gym and then going home, welcome to the adulthood. But wait, you’ll find a few instances where your girlfriends will decide to have a fun girls night out or a cute boy will ask you on a date and sure enough, you have no choice but to go straight from the gym. Or maybe sometimes you just want to look fresh from the gym for your cat and couch? Whatever your deal is, we’ve got the scoop on how to maximise your beauty and gym game with a few handy tips.

How do you ask? We met with nutritionists and spoke to some avid gym personalities and gathered the best tips (also, they’ve been tried and tested by us personally) So if you go to the gym or you have been planning to start soon, bookmark this right now.  

We’ve listed a bunch of tips that will not only help with maximising the good effects of your workout but also help your skin and hair get better at the same time. 


Drink lemon water during your workout

During your workout lactic acid storage eats away at the muscle and produces metabolic waste. The reason you're so sore is because of these wastes and acids. Vitamin C present in lemon is powerful antioxidants to cleanses lactic acids stored in muscle. So drinking lemon water during your workout is beneficial because it reduces the risk of injury. Also, the vitamin c in the lemon water increases collagen in muscle tissues and reverses the damage of tissue. You feel more energised and your muscles recover faster, which ideally results in a good workout session.


Natural pre workout/fat burner before your workout

We know that most people aren’t too keen on taking pre workout supplements before workouts as they have many claims to be unsafe or bad for health. But to get that extra buck for your workout try a home pre workout and fat burner with a mixture of black coffee, cinnamon powder and a teaspoon of coconut oil or grass fed butter called bulletproof coffee. Usually works best before morning workouts. Well blended this coffee tastes frothy and delicious and provides so much energy, better focus while cinnamon torches your metabolism giving you the best workout.  


Compression clothing while working out

I'm sure you remember that time everyone wore baggy clothes to the gym and now suddenly the gym is filled with skintight tops and leggings. This is the discovery of compression clothing. How it helps is this: it applies surface pressure over specific body parts triggering an acceleration of blood flow, therefore, increasing oxygen flow to muscle to enhance its performance. That, in turn, causes reduction of the lactic acid build up. This combination allows you to work at a higher rate for longer periods. Also, the products are so sleek, and many people not only feel good wearing compression workout gear, they also look good. Everyone knows if you look good you automatically will feel good, so give this a go. 


Condition that hair

First things first, stop with the extra tight ponytails at the gym. I know hair can always be a hassle at the gym but a loose elastic hair band paired with a loose braid will stay fastened as well as those tight hair pulling ponytails. Now imagine you have a night out after the gym and you're pressed for time, why not just condition your hair while at the gym? Put in a bit of coco oil on your scalp and tips while you workout. The heat produced by your body allows the oil to penetrate deep into your scalp for a super shiny mane. 

Quench that skin

So your skin already (usually) looks great after a good sweat session. But the best tip I ever learned in the women’s locker room at the gym was that great skin lies in the depths of the steam room. Carry a tiny bottle of cleansing lotion or a face pack and let all that goodness soak into your skin. A double whammy, gym skin plus the steamy goodness. If you don’t have a steam room at the gym before your workout apply some essential oil or a deep moisturiser onto your skin and let it seep into your pores while you sweat during your workout. Don't forget to wash your face after the workout though, you don't want to clog those pores!


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