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Hanging Out With Saba Azad


Skinny jeans have their merit, but when it comes to something with a little more attitude, nothing beats a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans. For a bit of real life inspiration, we asked a few of our favourite women in music, art and fashion how they like to wear theirs.

First up is Saba Azad, actress, one half of electro cabaret and nu diso duo Madboy/Mink and easily one of the most adorable women we’ve ever met.

We hung out with Saba and photographed her one day last week as she draped herself across couches (as one does), spent time in her recording studio, made a trip to her neighbourhood café and finally headed to a gig, all while wearing the same jeans – the new Levi’s 501 CT, a distressed, utterly modern (and almost painfully cool) take on the classic 501 jeans.


"Jeans are probably the most important part of my wardrobe; specifically boyfriend jeans, because they work so well with my style. My brother had a bunch of Levi’s and I stole my first pair from him when I was 13. He’s 6’2, so they used to fit me really loose, which is what started it. I wear them like I always have – with white sneakers or Doc Martens, with the cuff rolled way up.”







Why we're loving the 501 CT: It sits low on the hips, is relaxed through the thigh, and tapered at the leg (so you can roll them up) for slouchy, effortless cool.



"When it comes to music, I’m really opinionated; I listen to everything, but I know what I like. I’m not a big fan of EDM, for example. And trance – oh god, not trance. (Laughs) What I really dig is music from the 1920s. I love swing, especially electro swing and jazz. I'm a huge fan of the blues too, and big band. Benny Goodman, The Black Keys, White Stripes, Howling Wolf - they're all favourites.

I’m kind of the same about how I dress; I don’t take myself as seriously, but I still know what I like and what I don’t. I don’t like bling, and you’ll never see me in a bodycon dress. I just don't really like anything that's too tight; for me, the looser and more effortless, the better. I think it's much cooler that way."

"My style is quite slouchy. On most days, it’s even kind of androgynous. I’ve always loved wearing things that are oversized; there’s something about a really voluminous silhouette that I love. It’s the idea of drowning in your clothes, almost like hiding behind them."


"I live in Versova, which is green and quiet and has lots of open spaces. It reminds me of Delhi, where I’m from. I love that I don’t bump into people every time I leave the house, and that there’s always something new to find, like this café called Leaping Windows.

It’s a graphic novel lending library across the road from me. They’ve got great, healthy food and you can become a member of the library. It’s easy to spend hours here just discovering new artists and getting your graphic novel fix.

I do film as well, but I’ve had to turn down eight films in the last two years because I’ve been focusing on my music. It’s worth it though; I feel like sometimes you have to focus all your energy on one thing for it to succeed."



"I can’t imagine my life without music. It’s how I express myself; making music gives me the freedom to be completely unapologetic about who I am.

I come from a theatre family and I was put on a stage before I could walk. I’ve always loved film, but being on stage is incredible. You can always call ‘cut’ with a film but when you’re on stage, you've just got the one shot. You also have this live audience which is literally breathing at you so it’s a constant exchange of energy, which is incredible."

Discover the new Levi's 501 CT jeans at www.Levi.in/501CT




As told to Jossbox. Saba Azad is wearing the Levi's 501 CT Upsized and was photographed by Manasi Sawant. Available at exclusive Levi's stores and at Myntra.

Final image by Faiza Sheikh.


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