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20 Young Hollywood Millennials & What They’re Currently Wearing

Naaila Khan

Okay, you can’t deny you’re curious to know. I mean, whether or not you actually get around to actually (saving up and) buying those decadent Gucci Princetown Leather Slippers, it’s always nice to know what the gorgeous, rich kids across the world are wearing these days!

Well, if you’re asking, let’s just say their closets are lit at the moment. From Kendall Jenner to Emily Ratajkowski, the styles range from cool girl to woke girl, the fabrics go from metallics to furs and lots of leather then suddenly a plain tee (with protest slogans), and the designs cover every trend from this season’s runway. I bet you those Gucci loafers you’re about to find your style soul sister in the next 5 minutes. If you don’t, at least #ootdinspo to the max for shiz.


Ashley Benson

If old cupcake-gorging Hannah from Pretty Little Liars saw herself like this back in season one, she probably would’ve spared herself a cry or two. Ashley Benson seems to suddenly be feeling a bad girl vibe after playing good girl for this long (last season of PLL coming up in August, you guys!), and it looks really, really cool.

Trendspotted: Pastel pink bomber, punk pink lob, sports bra


Bella Hadid

Just in Bella Hadid fans: the newly christened Victoria’s Secret angel is dropping a clothing collab, Chrome Heart X Bella and she seems honestly excited about it! No, really, this is what she says on her Instagram: “If my family weren’t my family, I would probably be a Stark. They’re like the other half of me!” And she isn’t talking about the The Wardens of the North – Richard Stark and daughter Jesse Jo who own the rock chic fashion brand, are basically L.A.'s First Family of Fashion. And Bella seems to really like them.

She also gets design and bragging rights over this outfit because it’s pretty damn dope.

Trenspotted: Cropped track suit, high top sneakers, stripes, stripes, stripes.


Bella Thorne

Which brings us to what Bella Thorne describes as “the dopest #ootd” from her collab with SIX:02 sneakers. Except Queen Bey’s Ivy Park bodysuit is what’s really hotting things up here, I think. Along with that dope translucent robe/sweatshirt hybrid. A pair of denim cutoffs to go with and you basically have yourself your next head-turning entry at the gym.

Trenspotted: Bodysuit, forest green, white sneakers (yes, still relevant, surprised you had to ask)


Chloe Grace Moretz

Captioned “memories to be made” on her Instagram, Choe Grace Moretz – Brooklyn Beckham’s ex and one of the few lone soldiers who took on Kim Kardashian in a Twitter feud last year – clearly enjoyed her New Year’s Eve. And why not, that gorgeous leopard printed fur coat is one reason, for sure.

The Kick-Ass actress might’ve just turned 20 last month (feel old yet?), but she’s already killing it in the style department.

Trenspotted: furrrr, oversized coat, leather boots


Demi Lovato

When you’re done freaking out about Demi Lovato’s song collab with Ashley Tisdale, talk a moment to marvel at this beautiful pantsuit Demi Lovato showed up wearing at the premiere of Beyond Silence, as part of her relationship with the Be Vocal: Speak Up for Mental Health initiative.

The outfit poses as a gown at first look, but then sneakily reveals that it’s actually been constructed a pantsuit which makes it so much more better that why we liked it first. 

Trenspotted: Monotone, sleek tailored pantsuit


Elle Fanning

@Ellefanning Strolling LAX barefoot. Feet too swollen and blistered to cram in my heels. No backup shoes in my carry on. #freethefoot

Courtesy: Elle’s Instagram

While there’s much to be said about Elle Fanning’s wit (and daring, to be walking barefoot on a pavement), all I’m thinking about right now is this Annie Hall reminiscent androgynous oversized suit complete with lapels and huge buttons. But my favourite part? The all over pastel pink. Gender neutral clothing in one rad outfit, nailed.

Trenspotted: Pastel pink, oversized lapelled blazer


Emily Ratajkowski

Firstly, I’d like to apologize for cutting off Emily Ratajkowski’s gorgeous face, but even she knows this stunning outfit needs to take centre-cam. This sheer lace turtle neck black top seems like it desired no other companionship than of that of these denim jeans, and the leather jacket? It just came to the party to hang.

Quite frankly, while Emily looks just as stunning nude – in reference to her nude photo book pictures, apparently being used without her permission by photographer Jonathan Leder – what’s even cooler are her efforts towards body positivity.

"These photos … are the opposite of what I stand for: women choosing when and how they want to share their sexuality and bodies," she said. Applause.  

Trenspotted: Sheer lace + denim


Emma Roberts

While the sun shone down through the glass domes of the Grand Palais as it lit up the Chloé show, Emma Roberts sat front row next to Isabelle Huppert, in oversized ‘70s shades in this artsy Choé pantsuit from Pre-Fall 2017, featuring floral print trousers and a matching shirt. A nude clutch and nude block heels played classy comrades.

What makes this outfit a cool one though? The effortless way it blends pajama dressing with formal wear, and bonus: just imagine how cute they’d look as separates. Chanel Oberlin would be proud.

Trenspotted: Pajama dressing, retro glasses


Gigi Hadid

Oh, look what we have here. It’s just a gorgeously bronzed, 5’10” footed Gigi Hadid in all her supermodel glory. But this picture on her Insta isn’t just symbolic of her awe inspiring supermodel style, it’s also:

- a subtle nod to those innocent canvas shoes that are silently screaming, ‘I’m still here’ to the formidable and admittedly stunning colour blocked fur coat. 

- proof there’s really no limit to what you can do with a simple pair of blue jeans and a white tee,

- it’s a testament to those orange sunglasses

- and a promise of all the beautiful things to come in the style diary of supermodel Gigi.

Trenspotted: Fuhh (at this point I’ll spell it how I want), sunglasses to put the sun to shame. 


Hailee Steinfeld

When Hailee Steinfeld screamed ‘gonna love myself, and I don’t need anybody else’, she clearly wasn’t referring to that electric blue, statement making Michael Kors bag. While the popstar has super chill lazy girl style IRL, she never fails to glam it up on stage and look like a million bucks on the streets too. Even though, I’m pretty sure this is a spread for MK.



Hailey Baldwin

Again, sorry for obliterating the face of this young, gorg millennial, but there’s so much more going on in this behind-the-scenes picture that demands to be taken notice of. Sample that unabashedly Gucci tank from the Milan show last week.

Alessandro Michele sent down the runway of parade of bug-festooned waist bags, knit hoods, bullring septum piercings, fringed parasols, and full-length chain-mail body suits that Hailee wears here. But more important than all the OTT accessorising - scrawled handwritten slogans designed to make a change.

Spanish artist Coco Capitán and Michele collaborated to write these powerful (intentionally misspelled) slogans:

“What are we going to do with all this future?”,

“Common sense is not so common.”,

“I want to go back to beliving in a story.”

Here’s to more woke times.

Trenspotted: Protest slogans, septum piercings


Kaia Gerber

Forgive me if I love this image mostly because Kaia Jordan Gerber looks like a spitting image of her mother Cindy Crawford, but the whole world agrees with me and currently is going nuts over this new kid on the block. But let me drop a bomb right away: she’s 15.

Once you’ve digested that, you should also know that Kaia appears on one of several covers of the latest issue of Love magazine and is well on the way to putting her supermodel genes to good use. One look at her Instagram and you’ll see the girl has a dreamy yet practical style that’s easy to love.

Trenspotted: Crop track suit, retro shades (are we seeing a theme here?)


Kendall Jenner

While Kylie Jenner and her girl squad pose calmly for the camera, they’re secretly posing for an ad campaign in their heads and also silently killing every trend that is currently blowing up your feeds IRL. Fur coat, check; leather suit with choker, check; oversized kit sweatshirt and layered jewellery, check, check.

Kendall’s top isn’t just #fallgoals times 100, she’s also got her Estee Lauder game face on. You go, girl.

Trenspotted: All of the above.


Kylie Jenner

If you keep up with the Kardashians, you know by now that Kylie Jenner is basically a Kim K in the making – except savvier and well, taller. Exhibit A: this picture of the makeup mogul in all camel, tone-on-tone and rocking every bit. There’s that signature Kim turtle neck, the nude sheer bodycon, and the long camel coat.

The hair is sleek and back, and the youngest Jenner looks like she’s quietly watching her Kylie Cosmetics factory multiply into pop up shops. And if her expression was enough for you not to notice the statement-making lingerie peek, then her job’s done.

Trenspotted: nude, nude nude


Lily-Rose Depp

All of 17 and raring to go, Lily-Rose Depp has a enough achievements under her belt. She’s one of the best actor’s bloodline for starters, she’s played muse to Karl Lagerfeld, and has already starred in quite a few feature films. No wonder the lowkey model/actress looks so smug in this picture from her latest magazine shoot which was creative-directed by her boyfriend, model Ash Stymest.

Lil-Rose sports a toned midriff in a furry pink sweater for a spread inside the second issue of Our City of Angels magazine. In the pictures, shot by David Mushegain by the way, she’s accompanied by her mom Vanessa Paradis, in a spread of bathrobes, roses, pastries, and tea, and all magazine proceeds will go directly to Planned Parenthood. But really, who’s craving hotel beds after this?

Trenspotted: Pastel pink fur


Taylor Hill

In this snap taken of the young Victoria’s Secret Angel by Vogue’s Entertainment Media Editor Sophie Li, Taylor Hill looks every bit as gorgeous as she usually does on the ramp. But instead of the huge, fantastical wings that she usually has on, the model seems to giving important slogans the respect they deserve.

While the protest slogan was a popular trend at the shows this past fashion week, Taylor Hill had her own take on the usually, sombre and politically-driven lines. Here, she asks her onlookers to ‘stay weird’ with a simple tee and jeans, and not to forget those retro shades that are clearly supermodel faves right now.

Trenspotted: Slogan tee


Shay Mitchell

Apart from keeping busy with Beauty and the Beast-inspired projects that sounds like a lot of fun and being something of an Instagram fitness star otherwise, Shay Mitchell is a al sorts of #travelootdgoals in this relaxed, back-from-the-beach look.

She wears striped wide legged pants with those statement shades and we can’t decide who’s trending more right now, stripes or Shay.

Trenspotted: Stripes


Sofia Richie

She started off her celebrity status being Instagram’s most hated girl in the world last year when she began dating Justin Bieber, but now that the relationship seems to have fizzled out (the Biebs apparently 'doesn't want a relationship'), Sofia Richie’s top cool girl style is now at the forefront as she Snapchats her charmed life.

But it’s not all games for Nicole Richie’s little sister. She just walked the runway for Yeezy Season 5 last week and she rocked the catwalk at the Philipp Plein Fall/Winter 2017 show just days before. She also popped up in the frows at Jeremy Scott with girl squad member Kylie Jenner. Here, in true fashion forward Sofia Richie fashion, she sports cropped Thrasher pants along with a comfy-looking velvet top, and it’s all kind of goals.

Trenspotted: Thrasher merch


Vanessa Hudgens

Titled ‘On the streetz’ on her Instagram, one look at this picture of Vanessa Hudgens and you’ll suddenly realize how far the singer/actress has come from her High School Musical days. Wearing a metallic finish sweatshirt + hoodie + combat boots combo, Vanessais literally slaying at life.

And it’s become daily business for the lady – she recently showed up at the Oscars red carpet wearing a stunning white ensemble featuring a see-through lace corset top and flowing skirt, slit from the highest point of her thighs. Style game strong or what.

 Trenspotted: Metallic



Zendaya took things back to her Shake It Up roots at the Women's March in Washington D.C. recently, where the singer joined Bella Thorne and countless other celebrities that showed up to make a difference right alongside activists, politicians, and citizens.

Not only did Zendaya actively protest in the march, she also looked the part to the um, tee. It read ‘Respect, protect, love the black women’ and Zendaya subtly called her Instagram followers to action with the caption "Get up...stand up." Standing up ad taking notice as we speak, Zendaya.

Trenspotted: Activist slogan tee


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