How To Be A Snapchat Star

Naaila Khan

Unless you live in very thick knit sock, you know that Snapchat is the new favourite obsession of millennials everywhere. It’s quick, tons of fun and anything that’s 10 seconds long and erased in 24 hours (including memories of an embarrassing drunken night or NSFW pics) is a good thing! Plus, in addition to staying constantly updated with what that somewhat-friend from college ate for lunch, you also get to partake in celeb stalking two point o. (You’re lying if you say you don’t love virtually visiting Kylie Jenner’s closet every morning. Also, Norman is everyone’s dog.)

But allow me to inquire: Are you killing it on your Story? Or are you simply killing it (read: murdering your chance to your 10 seconds of fame)? If it’s the latter, don’t panic, for I’m here to take you from reg girl sipping on Starbucks to fashionista flaunting an extra hot, no foam, pumpkin spice latte (or your version of that), causing serious FOMO among her followers. No matter if you don’t have a velvet-wrapped Merc – or three – in your driveway, just use the following expert tips and be a Snap Star! Take this, Kylie.

1/5 You Snooze, You Lose

Snapchat is all about being on the ball 24X7, so get ready to live in the fast lane! You see bird poop touching down on your friend’s head – you snap it, you catch your mother missing two teeth in the middle of a root canal – you (mercilessly) snap it, your colleague has his tongue out while he tries on the puppy filter – you snap him snapping, you spot a UFO, you know what to do. (Brownie points for a funny, out of the world UFO caption – more on that later.)

2/5 Have Fun

In the mood to do a fish braid? Feel like an ombré lip? Cooking something fun? Fish out your phone and snap it! Think about it – wouldn’t you like to be virtually roped in to a Sephora trip to help with your midday blues? So do your followers! Making them feel like they’re an active part of your daily life is exactly what you want. So take them through the aisles, do step by step DIYs if that’s your thing, tag them along to the coolest haunts on the weekend, tell them where you get the best salted caramel ice cream. And when your Snap friends start to respond with “Oh my god, that’s my fave too!” or “I miss your dog walks! – where’s Fido?”, you know you’ve got their full attention, Oprah. But hey, always make it a point to reply to your soon-to-be fans!

3/5 Get Savvy

In a way, the ghost app is the most unfiltered and unedited one as compared to its contemporaries, Facebook and Instagram, and your only tool to shine through is creativity, not Valencia. So use those emojis, get pro with the colour pen, and bring your best caption game! Also, some Drake for a Snapchat singalong + velfie (video selfie – keep up, darling) is always great. You see, you really don't have to have a Kardashian life to rake in those followers. 

Check out this girl’s superhuman Snap wit.

And this guy’s whip-smart one liner, level 100.


4/5 Get On The Popularity Charts, Not Nerves

Along with stuff you should be doing, being a Snap Star entails a string of don'ts that are just as important: Don’t post a string of Snaps with funny filters you took when you were bored AF, don’t be monotonous Snapping the same places and things, and never ever also send your Snap Story as separate Snaps to your friends. Refer to our crash course in social media etiquette for more on this – all of us could do with a lesson or two.

5/5 The Ghost Knows No Fear

Finally, make like Beyoncé and run that app, girl! Those three windows are your playing field and there are no rules, so play good! As long as that wasted guy making a scene at the party hasn’t noticed you Snapping him, keep at it – your followers are going to devour it without a blink or a forward tap. Who knows, your Snap might just be useful evidence in a murder or footage if you’re ever trapped in a plane hijacking. Or well, a reminder of your crazy weekend at the very least. As long as you don’t end up like this guy – (statutory warning: DO NOT Snap while driving) – you’re on the way to Snapchat stardom, my friend!




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