Millennial Approved Ways Of Being Productive

Meghana Rabindranath

No to-do lists involved, we promise

Personally, I believe the most satisfying feeling ever (after taking off your bra after a long day) is getting into bed after a super productive day. Maybe it’s just the way human beings are wired or social construct, but feeling useful and putting in that extra effort into something, leads to a sense of achievement. In short; the more productive you are the better you feel. The only issue with this situation is that I wasn’t being productive. Not at work, not when I came home from work and surely not on the weekends.

My desperate need to change this and feel like I was getting more out of life then re-runs of KUWTK and bingeing on fat-free yoghurt lead me to seek out some “hacks” on how to be more productive with my time. From conversations with the most productive people I know (my mum) to extensive research (Google) I discovered some pretty solid stuff.  Tips that will essentially allow you to be productive and surf the Internet to your heart's content.

We tried some doable tips, that really worked! Cause honestly we’re so over to-do-lists


Turn Off Notifications

One of the hardest things to do (for me) is to keep my hands off my phone. I could be watching the most gripping episode of my favourite show or have the most interesting conversation but as soon as I hear the ‘beep’ from my phone, I'm a goner. While it's difficult to switch off from your phone completely it's easy to mute a bunch of stuff- yes I’m talking about those super annoying Whatsapp groups. You can just simply turn off notifications for all the social media apps.  I found that it gave me less reason to constantly get distracted by my phone. I found myself getting other things done like reading books or taking up hobby classes! And when I checked my phone it was a fun to see notifications (candy crush requests) waiting for me. 


Commute Wisely

If you ever get out of your house you know that you're inevitably going to be stuck in hours of unruly traffic only to put you in the worst mood before you get to work. Instead of being put into an extremely bad mood or listening to any rap artist sing about a woman at the club you could try using this time for something productive. From power naps to interesting Podcasts, you can feel rested or informed before you start your day. Have special books, documentaries or Podcasts scheduled just for your drive and if you're being driven go on and take that nap.


Stop Snoozing

This is probably the hardest thing to do on this list because those five extra minutes really feel like they do that extra bit for you. I read somewhere, that giving 99% is really hard but giving your 100% is really easy. How does this apply here? The more times you hit that snooze button the harder it is to wake up, but if you just pop out of bed the one time you automatically feel so much better. That being said, try waking up earlier than you usually do and you’ll notice that you have time to do things like reading or going to the gym which will allow you to feel energised throughout the day. So remember two things from this. One, wake up earlier and two, don’t hit snooze.


Don’t Wait To Change Your Mind

The same concept of 99 and 100% lies here. The moment you have a thought to do something just get up and get it done. Apply for a class, wake up in the morning, and just finish that damn presentation. When you feel like you're in the zone don’t let that moment slip. Also, with this one follow up is important. Don’t apply for a class and then not go! Make up your mind, be decisive and act on them immediately instead of allowing your mind to convince you to procrastinate. 


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