How To Get Big Hair

Komal Basith

I have fine, limp hair that just lies there. Do you have any tips for adding some volume to it?

Volumising products can do great things for your hair, but you have to know which ones to use. To be perfectly honest, shampoos aren’t really your best bet when it comes to the volumising department because any benefits they might add are all washed away. Try misting a volumising spray through your damp roots instead – Paul Mitchell’s Extra Body Daily Boost is great for this – then tip your head over and blow your hair upside down. If you have longer hair, try tipping your head over and brushing your hair from side to side as you blow-dry.


My skin is really oily, especially in the summer and I think my moisturizer is making it worse. Is it a good idea to skip it altogether?

Probably not – in addition to denying your skin a barrier against dirt and pollution by skipping a moisturizer, you also risk dehydrating it altogether, which usually causes it to rebel by producing even more oil.

If you can feel your moisturizer on your skin 20 minutes after you’ve put it on, chances are it’s too heavy. Just like your wardrobe gets lighter during the summer, your beauty products should too, especially your moisturizer. There are tons of products out there that provide light, non-greasy, essential moisture during the day.  Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel adds just the right amount of hydration without ever feeling greasy, while Murad’s Oil-Control Mattifier is one of the best moisturisers out there for oily skin – it mattifies, smoothens, and contains added SPF to boot.


What goes first, concealer or foundation?

Good question! Concealers usually offer heavier coverage than foundation and just as with skincare, it’s always a good idea to apply your makeup from lightest to heaviest, too. Besides, applying concealer after your foundation ensures that you don’t just smear it off during foundation application. So whether you’re hiding a blemish, redness or a couple of freckles, apply your concealer after foundation. The same goes for when you’re using it to hide dark circles, except you can skip the foundation entirely here.

And since we’re talking about concealers, I’ve got to mention a recent find, Alison Raffaele’s True Concealer. It is surprisingly light – almost the texture of foundation, but delivers incredible coverage that blends right in, just like real skin. The shades are adaptable and true to life – one for light, medium and dark skin tones respectively – which makes it super easy to choose from.

And since it’s almost the weekend – here’s a hilarious video about a girl, her period, and her First Moon Party. It's a hilarious ad for sanitary napkins, words I never thought I'd use together in a sentence.

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