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How To Get Soft, Non-Crackly Winter Waves

Komal Basith

 I have wavy, sometimes curly hair that’s become really dry and crackly since it started getting colder, and my regular conditioner has suddenly become ineffective. What can you recommend?

Maybe it’s because I’ve had coconut oil on my mind recently, but I know that as far as hair conditioners go, it’s one of the best. Not the stuff that’s packaged and marketed specificallyfor hair, but the organic, extra virgin stuff – the kind you can cook with and is completely chemical-free. Run some through your hair before your shower, paying special attention to the ends, which I bet are the crackliest. Leave in for about 20 minutes then wash off and your hair will be so much softer and shinier.

However, coconut oil isn’t perfect in that it’s highly comedogenic which is why if you’re prone to acne at all, you’d do well to stay away completely (as I once learnt the hard way). Instead, try Nuxe’s Huile Prodigieuse as a leave-in hair treatment after your shower. It’s a multi-use dry oil that will moisturize your hair without making it greasy, help define and separate your waves and kill the static (and that crispy texture you hate). As a bonus, it’ll also add a lovely glow to your arms and legs, especially if you use it while your skin is still damp. Ask any of the legions of fans who love this stuff and they’ll tell you it also smells gorgeous, because it does – like vanilla and beaches and the sun all rolled into one great, grown-up scent.


I’m literally at my wits’ end because I can’t seem to find a foundation that won’t break me out. I’ve spent a ton of cash trying every foundation available in the country, and nothing. Do you know of one magic base that I can buy with my eyes closed?

Hmm. That’s a pretty loaded question considering you have super acne-prone skin, and I’d normally shy away from recommending a foundation that might break you out all over again but I’ve got to ask, have you tried Bare Minerals yet?

They don’t retail in India yet, but you can still shop them online. They’re the company that started the mineral foundation craze a few years ago with the original SPF 15 Foundation. It got me through a particularly acne-riddled phase a few years ago – it’s very light and lets your skin ‘breathe’ but most importantly, I’ve never met a soul who broke out while wearing it. The sheer number of shades might seem a bit confusing online, but each shade varies only ever so slightly from the next, darker shade, so as long as you pick a colour within your range, it’s tough to go wrong.

It might be worth a shot – it’s the best foundation for acne-prone skin I’ve ever come across. Good luck! Let me know how it goes.


I read your post about moisturizing lip stains earlier, but the colours you recommended were a little too full on for me. I’m looking more for something that will moisturize my lips while still adding a bit of colour – something I could wear when I want to look like I’m wearing nothing, basically.

What you're looking for is tinted lip balm. There are a couple, both classics, which I always have in rotation and they’re great for when you’re out in jeans and a T shirt and you can’t be bothered with putting on makeup, but you still want a bit of colour. One is Maybelline’sBaby Lips Balm, which is surprisingly hydrating and a little on the buttery side, while the other is Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmer which in spite of its name is more pigmented than shimmery but stays on for longer while still delivering tons of moisture. Fig is a special favourite; it’s a natural, deep maroon-pink shade that goes with pretty much every skin tone, which probably explains why it’s almost always sold out everywhere.

And because it’s almost the weekend, here’s a clip of Jimmy Kimmel and Kevin Spacey doing what they do best – great impersonations! Have a lovely weekend, and don’t forget todrop me a line with your beauty woes / questions / just to say hi!



Rachel Bayros photographed by Taras Taraporvala for Grazia India March 2014.


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