How to Get Your Skin Ready for Swimsuit Season

Komal Basith

We love hearing from you here at Jossbox, and so we’re formalizing this love – putting a ring on it, if you will – with Ask Us Anything, where we attempt to answer your (hopefully not) burning questions about all things beauty.

It’s a mix of general wisdom we’ve pick up over years of being in the beauty industry combined with expert advice from our dermatologist, facialist, makeup artist and hairstylist friends, whose collective careers span decades (and almost every celebrity imaginable), and who are all used to being contacted at random hours of the day with pressing questions about the state of our hair / skin / eye shadow / lives. Have a beauty question of your own? Ask away!


I’m going on a beach holiday this summer with a bunch of friends, but I have a lot of ingrown hair that makes my skin look quite bumpy and uneven. I don’t want to be conscious of wearing a swimsuit on holiday… can you recommend something for this?

Ingrown hair happens when a pore gets blocked by dead skin cells, leaving the hair no place to grow but inwards. You can sort this out in two ways – by unblocking the pores, and by making sure that they stay clear afterwards too.

For the first step, use a BHA exfoliant like salicylic acid, which will gently unblock your pores and allow the hair to grow up and out again. Bliss has ingrown eliminating pads that work quite well, especially if you use them regularly, while First Aid Beauty’s Skin Rescue Pads work great on acne as well as on ingrown hair. Just swipe some on your face after cleansing and the rest on your legs when you’re done. 

To prevent ingrown hair, use a body scrub in the shower every other day all through summer. This makes it so that your hair is easier to wax or shave off, and when it’s time for it to grow back, it’ll have the room to do so. I love Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Scrub; it makes your skin smell like chocolate, and leaves it soft and glowing while lasting for ages.


I’ve tried almost every kind of long wear nail polish available, but I inevitably end up with a chipped nail by the second day. Is there anything I can do to keep my polish from chipping?

I’m convinced that nail polish chipping has less to do with the actual formula of the nail paint and more with what you’re using to seal the colour in. A good top coat will protect the colour (and your nails) from daily wear and tear and should extend the life of your manicure by a few days at the very least. Sally Hansen’s Super Shine Shiny Top Coat is great; in addition to going on super smooth and making your nails look ultra-glossy, it also dries really quickly so you don’t have to spend ages waiting around for your nails to dry. 


Do you have any tips on wearing eyeliner for beginners? I've tried, but I can never draw the line perfectly straight or get the flick just right in one shot.

Yes! Using an eyeliner pencil, sketch the line you’d like onto your upper eyelid – don’t worry about getting it perfect, just make sure it’s the shape you want. Next, take a shadow in a similar colour and using a flat eyeliner brush, trace over it gently. This does away with harsh lines, which can look too stark, adds a soft, lived-in feel to the whole look, and no one will know if you made a mistake with the original pencil line. This works with any eyeliner shape, including the cat eye. Have fun!


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