How to Get Your Skin Spring Ready

Komal Basith

It might be only March but summer’s practically here, which means you can expect to start reading the annual barrage of magazine beauty stories showing you how to get your legs / arms / body 'spring ready’ any minute now.

The point isn’t lost on me – I spent my weekend digging out every short, sleeveless item of clothing I own now that it’s so much hotter out – but still, there are really only twocomponents to getting spring (or summer, since we live in India) ready; the acquisition of smooth skin followed by the acquisition of shiny skin. There really isn’t a new, revolutionary method to it (although I’ll be the first to tell you when there is).

What you want is to exfoliate your arms and legs (or any other part of your body you’re going to be waving around) and then slather them in the kind of moisturiser that makes them glisten – namely ones with micro reflective particles or, depending on personal preferences, a good old-fashioned body oil. Here are some of my favourites.

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The best way to get soft skin isn’t to moisturise – it’s to exfoliate. Whisking away the top layer of your skin, which is mostly composed of dead skin cells, brings the newer skin underneath to the surface and makes moisturisers absorb better, too.


Now that your skin is smoother than it’s been all year, it’s time to moisturise it. If you’re going to have lots of it on display, pick something that shows it in its best glowing, shimmery light with one of these products.


Illustrated by Roshini Frederick.


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